TESTIMONIAL. “She liked my photo from Chicago. I invited her to confine herself to London. We’re engaged”

On this evening in mid-October 2019, Adam, 29, graphic designer in London, shares on a Facebook group “This Cat Is Chonky”, dedicated to “slightly wrapped cats”, a photo of him with the plump cat of his best friend. More than 6,000 km away, Anna, 26, a hairdresser in Chicago, dreamily scrolls the pages of this same group when her attention is drawn to the photo. “Too cute,” she comments. This comment, and the photo of this pretty blonde no doubt, made the young Englishman react, who then began the conversation.

The two young people like each other, and damn it. To the point that, despite the distance, after a few months of bantering on the Internet, they decide to meet. But the pandemic is pointing its nose and the United States is closing its borders. The lovebirds therefore resume their cooing from a distance. Until the day when Adam launches, bravado: “Do you want to come and confine yourself to London with me?” It’s summer, Anna takes the plunge and flies to the British capital.

“I wanted our relationship to continue, so I decided to ask for her hand”

Their romantic relationship then materializes in this funny context. “At first, we almost only lived in one room, but it was a lot of fun,” says the young woman. He introduced me to the movies and TV shows he loved, and I loved it. That. And then when we were able to get out, we explored a lot London, then Liverpool and hiked Scotland to Edinburgh. It was great. “

But after a few weeks, Anna has to leave. Except that Adam, under the spell, no longer sees himself living without her. “I wanted our relationship to continue, so I decided to ask her for her hand,” says the designer. I had originally planned to do it on London Bridge, but I remembered that Anna had me said that if that happened to her, she didn’t want it to be in a busy place. “

The couple now hope they can tie the knot next year

“So I waited until the next day. We had a lovely day in Camden, I asked her in my room, and she said yes!” The couple are now hoping to get married next year and start a new life in the UK.

“The wedding will be in England so that I can give my friends and family an excuse to travel abroad,” says Anna with a laugh. “Next we are moving to London. I’m from a very small town in the States. “United, and living in London is a dream for me, and that’s where I found love.” All that’s missing is a plump cat to cuddle to complete their romance.

Adam and Anna ©

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