TESTIMONIAL. “Our baby rabbits consider our golden retriever to be their father”

While dogs are man’s best friend, they can also be rabbits’ best companions! This is the case of Bailey, a 3 year old golden retriever, who has a lot of love to share. The proof ? A crisp video, where we see a slew of baby rabbits leaping to snuggle up against him as if he were their daddy. This too cute scene has melted more than 9 million Internet users on Bailey’s YouTube channel, This is Bailey, now a social media star with 271,000 subscribers.

Its owners, a Spanish couple who live on the Costa del Sol, regularly post videos of their animals. In addition to Bailey, the mother rabbit named Charlotte and her cubs, they have two dogs, a cat and a not very shy parakeet who regularly joins the merry little fray. Between Bailey and the rabbits, it all started in 2020, when the rabbit Charlotte was pregnant. “Bailey immediately behaved funny,” their master – who calls himself Taras – tells social media.

“The dog plays with them all the time and he grooms them!”

“He protected Charlotte throughout the gestation while awaiting the birth. He didn’t want anything to happen to him. Luckily, the birth went well, all the rabbits were born healthy and they got to know each other very quickly. with their new babysitter! “, continues the master. Despite his imposing size, Bailey is incredibly gentle with his “children”.

And the least we can say is that the canine takes his role of adoptive father very seriously. “Since the day of their birth, he has not stopped taking care of them, almost as if they were his puppies,” insists Taras. According to him, the rabbits are close to the doggie “because he is very nice and loves them very much. He never stops playing with them and grooming themselves”. The dog does not hesitate to share his bowl with his little ones. And the converse is also true! “The rabbits always share their food with him and Bailey even steals hay from them!”, Reports the young man, hilariously.

Dogs are sociable creatures by nature …

If the young rabbits still live with their mother, they have found in Bailey a surrogate dad who gives them extra play and love. Dogs are sociable creatures by nature and often tend to bond with humans, and sometimes with other animals.

That’s why, despite being a different species, Bailey took care of those little furballs so quickly. This happiness born of difference is one of the many lessons that the dog gives to humans. Thanks Bailey for reminding us!

“Baby rabbits regard our golden retriever as their father.” © DOC YOUTUBE

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