When Nupur, on March 21, 2021, watches Attila walk through the doorstep of their home in The Hague, Netherlands, her eyes sparkle with joy. They are celebrating their first year of marriage today and she can’t help but rethink, with great emotion, how they met. It was during the month of February 2019. Nupur Gupta, 33, from Kerala (India), was then doing a two-week yoga retreat as a teacher in Goa.

Attila Bosnyak is a 41-year-old Hungarian financial advisor living in Amsterdam (Netherlands) who came to India with the desire to “disconnect from the hustle and bustle, the pressure of work and the Dutch winter”. They do not know each other. For the past fortnight, Nupur has acquired a habit: between classes, she likes to bathe in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea which laps the coasts of the province. But this February 15, while swimming, here she is caught in a powerful current. She tries not to panic …

“After bumping and grating several times, I managed to pull her up”

“I was like, ‘If I keep swimming steadily and steadily, I’ll get there.'” But the current keeps pushing her away from the beach. “And suddenly I saw this man coming towards me.” It is Attila who, that day, at that time, on that piece of beach, is lying on the sand, facing the teacher in distress. “He came very close to me to grab my hand but, at the moment of the contact, I was again drawn off,” recalls the young woman.

Attila quickly realizes that the current is too strong. He then opts for another approach: swim with her towards the rocks to try, together, to climb on them in order to attract the attention of the lifeguard. “After bumping into and grating the skin several times,” explains the savior, “I managed to hoist it up and, with the help of the emergency services, we were able to find solid ground.” Attila is bleeding. Nupur rushes to get bandages and an antiseptic.

To thank her hero, she offers him an ice cream and, there, it is the spark …

She also brings back a chocolate ice cream cone for her hero. When she hands it to him, they both feel a spark. “Something changed for me at that time. There was a click in my heart,” explains the 30-something. “I don’t know what happened, it was magic, confirms Attila. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other.” After this unexpected love at first sight, our lovers spend the following week together, and even add one to their stay in order to continue to know each other.

Over the next year, they try to find each other in Dubai, but an illness keeps Nupur in India. Attila then moved for a few months to be by her side. On March 21, 2020, no longer wanting to be separated, they get married and settle down together in The Hague. A year later to the day, Nupur announced to Attila, during their birthday dinner, that he was going to be a dad!


Lara T.
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