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TESTIMONIAL. “Nurse, my mother almost missed my marriage to save a life”

“The ceremony was about to start and my mother still hadn’t arrived. I was under maximum stress!” The ceremony Hailey Krull, a 28-year-old American is talking about, is her wedding ceremony. We are on June 27, she is about to marry Mitchell, the man whose life she has shared for five years, at 2 p.m. It is 1:50 p.m. and her mother, whose presence is so important, has not yet arrived. That morning, Jodi Damrow, 58, got up at dawn to be ready to finalize the preparations for her daughter’s wedding.

Dolled up and very elegant, wearing her pale pink dress embroidered with sequins, Jodi gets behind the wheel of her car in order to be there in advance. On this Nebraska road that she knows well, her thoughts flutter around the images of her child daughter. “Time has passed so quickly,” thinks the mother of the family when suddenly the car in front swerves and plunges into the ditch that borders the track. The blood of this retired nurse only turns.

In her party dress, Jodi performs first aid

Jodi stops to lend a hand and do what she sees as her duty. At the same time, Hailey impatiently awaits her mother: “Mum is a tank. For thirty-five years she was an emergency room nurse and, despite that, she was always there for me. My dad left us when I was old. 15 years old, my mother was my rock “, she confides. During this time, on the edge of the US 20 highway, it is the commotion. On the phone with the emergency services, Jodi explains that the driver obviously had a cardio-respiratory problem.

In her party dress that she takes care not to dirty, she is busy. Every minute counts before the firefighters arrive. She performs first aid actions to keep the victim’s airways open. She positions her head back, gives her mouth to mouth, thrusts on the breastbone with her hands. Jodi keeps the patient in stable condition. Relief can be read on the emergency room nurse’s face as the helicopter takes off to transport him to hospital. Now is the time to rush to her daughter’s wedding!

“She’s my mother, my lifelong heroine, the nurse of my life”

When she finally arrives, there are only ten minutes left until the ceremony begins. Hailey rushes over to her. “Sorry, I’m late. I had to save a life”, the heroic mother blurted out, taking her daughter’s hand to lead her down the path that will lead her to the altar. “I have to say hello to my mom for all the work she did for this dream wedding,” the bride said to the audience. “Not only did she lead me down the aisle, but she also saved someone. along the way. This is my mother, my lifelong heroine, the nurse of my life. Mom, you are amazing and I love you. ”

Jodi Damrow and her daughter Hailey Krull © © FACEBOOK HAILEY KRULL

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