TESTIMONIAL. “My nephew wakes up after eleven months in a coma without knowing anything about the coronavirus pandemic”

The whole planet lives only at the rate of announcements of outbreaks of contaminations, of the evolution of the number of deaths and hospitalizations. In all countries of the world, everyone has become an expert in vaccines and variants. But the young Joseph Flavill, he ignores everything that has happened since last spring! Hit by a car on March 1, 2020 in Burton, England, he was rushed to Leicester Hospital. Victim of a head trauma, the young man plunges into a coma for several months, while the world around him undergoes profound changes.

Like dozens of other countries, the UK is entering lockdown quickly after its accident. Since then, the Covid-19 pandemic has become central to our daily lives, imposing a procession of new health and social behaviors that would have seemed unlikely a year ago. And lo and behold, after spending about eleven months in a coma, Joseph recently regained consciousness.

How do you explain to him the changes that occurred while he was unconscious?

“At first his eyes were open, but he wasn’t reacting to anything, and then over the last few weeks he’s made amazing progress,” says his aunt, Sally Flavill-Smith. He’s trying to emerge, he’s blinking. eyes and smiles. He moves his limbs on demand. He’s progressed a lot, “Sally continues.

Now the question is how to explain to the young man the changes that took place while he was unconscious. “We’re not quite sure what he understands, because his accident happened before the first lockdown, and it’s almost like he’s been asleep throughout the pandemic. How to explain the current situation to someone who was in a coma? ”she asks.

Hospitalized, the young man has already caught the Covid twice!

What is hardly understandable is that Joseph developed the Covid-19 twice! The first time around, the young man was still in lethargy, but since waking up at the Adderley Green neurological rehabilitation center, where he was transferred in the year 2020, he has tested positive again. The student was therefore deprived of visits and his relatives can only interact with him through a screen.

“This obligation to put some distance must be quite strange for him, and it is unbearable for his mother not to be able to go to see him”, underlines the aunt, who is however delighted with the steps taken by Joseph in recent weeks. “His condition is better than ever! It may not seem like a big deal, but just the fact that he can clap the nurse’s hand is a big step forward.” As he regains his strength, Joseph will find that the world has changed a lot!


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