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TESTIMONIAL. “My lover made my return a festival of romantic surprises”

Knowing how to surprise is one of the strengths of lasting couples. With the creativity that Nick Boucher has shown to his fiancée, this 28-year-old American has taken a good head start in this area. This dynamic campus director at Cedarville University in Ohio met Emily Weindorf in June 2019, through mutual friends. He immediately fell in love with this bubbly blonde, a future medical assistant. “I was quickly convinced that she was the woman of my life”, reports the young man.

But after six months of a passionate relationship, the beautiful student must leave for a five-week internship in Peru. Nick then perfects an unexpected plan. “I called it ‘the gift’,” he says with a naughty smile. So that she doesn’t forget how much he loves her, our Romeo has hidden lots of little gifts in his Juliet’s bag, including a personalized crossword puzzle. Every morning, he sends her a hint by email and the answer is either a word or a common memory relating to a stage in their relationship.

“I loved playing with him every day, and thought I opened the last ‘regalo’ in Peru before I got back.”

“Notes, crosswords and videos often referred to the word ‘regalo’, which means gift in Spanish,” says Emily. I loved playing with him every day, and thought I opened the latest ‘regalo’ in Peru. before my return. ” But, secretly, Nick reserves one last of size for him. A few days before the return of his beautiful, our lover took a plane ticket to Chicago, where Emily has to stop. He coordinates with Southwest Airlines to get a seat on the same flight as his sweetheart.

On D-Day, Nick is discreet when boarding, lets Emily settle in and the plane take off then, with the help of the crew, put in the confidence, the inventive lover appears like a genius at his side. . Stunned, the young woman watches him kneel on the ground and ask him, all smiles: “Will you marry me?” In the hands of the young man, a case on which is written “regalo”. It is his ultimate gift: the ring that symbolizes the love he has for her and the commitment he makes.

Under the applause of the other passengers, the “yes” of the young woman is barely perceptible

The “yes” of the young woman is barely perceptible under the applause of the other passengers. But the loving look she gives her man replaces all words. Without a doubt, Nick will continue to surprise his wife on the occasion of their wedding, scheduled for July 2020, in Cedarville, where they reside. But there is a ground on which we are sure that there will be no surprises: it is that it will make their lives a domain where love will be king, where love will be law, and where she will be queen …

On an internship away from her fiancé, Emily discovered a little gift from her every day. © FACEBOOK NICK BOUCHER

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