TESTIMONIAL. “My little sister threw herself under a train, victim of a feelings scam”

In the age of social networks where everyone can be the king of the buzz, nothing is stopping their users. On March 8, 2018, Boubacar was on the platform of Evry-Courcouronnes station, when Océane chose to end it. With his phone, he immediately photographs the remains of the young girl and posts the image on Snapchat. A few minutes later, the photo of the young woman’s body is shared at lightning speed. The coup de grace of a destiny already shattered by a romantic scam. It all started in November 2017 when Océane met 20-year-old Ryan K. at a birthday party.

The one who presents himself as a VTC driver (transport car with driver) has flair, but not enough to seduce the young woman. Concentrated on her studies, she has other plans for the future. “She was an excellent student and worked a lot to succeed, explains Laurence, her older sister. She loved fashion and wanted to orient herself in international trade. My sister was a discreet, kind and very cheerful young girl. She was starting to become a woman. woman, her future was promising. A flower ready to bloom … ”

For his sister, Laurence, “this situation was going to lead to financial problems for his family and it was unthinkable”

Over the months, Ryan, who saw the inexperienced and candid young woman as easy prey, continues to charm her. He even gives her a ring and introduces her to his mother. “He put her in confidence, then he closed his trap on her,” laments Laurence. Four months after their meeting, Océane gives in to his charms and the young man puts his plan into action. He asks Océane to cash checks on his account, for lack of being able to do it himself, having temporary problems with his bank. And he borrows his credit card to be able to withdraw the money that belongs to him.

A month later, Océane discovers that her account has an overdraft of more than € 6,000! The famous checks she had cashed have been stolen and Ryan no longer answers her calls. “For my sister, who had never been overdrawn by a single euro and was spending very small amounts, it was terribly stressful. This situation was going to lead to financial problems for her family and it was unthinkable.” On March 8, 2018, at “6:36 am precisely”, Laurence received an SMS from her little sister: “I love you all. A letter is in my desk drawer.” “Her room was perfectly tidy. Her letter began with this sentence:” If you are reading this letter, it is because I have already left. “”

Océane had left a letter to her family: “I kept my problems to myself, to protect you”

At this moment, Océane is lying on the rails at the Evry RER station, waiting for a train. “Her choice was very violent for us. She had such an appetite for life. The day before, she didn’t show anything.” In her letter, she explains the reasons for her gesture: “I kept my problems to myself, to protect you. I cannot stay under your roof, within the family, with all the problems that I bring to you. In itself, it’s not my fault, but I take the consequences. ”

After the shock and the astonishment, comes the time for questions. And there are many. “Why did the bank not alert the family of a young minor and how was her boyfriend able to withdraw so much money without Océane’s account being blocked?” ‘asks Laurence. She will get few answers. During the fraud hearing at the Evry Criminal Court, in October 2019, Ryan, the accused did not appear. “I regretted his absence. I wish he had seen the consequences of his act, the harm he inflicted on all of us.” He was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence and € 15,000 in compensation.

After having photographed the body, the man “took the time to rework the photo to obtain as many views as possible”

Little spared, the family had another appointment with the justice system on September 21. This time for Boubacar, who had shared the photo of Océane’s corpse on Snapchat, to be tried. “Not only did he take the photo, but he took the time to rework it and add an emoticon to get as many views as possible,” laments Laurence.

Pending the verdict, deliberated on October 28, Laurence and her family have undertaken to challenge the abuses and trivialization of violence on social networks through the Prévention Océane association, which you can find on Facebook. “People who take these kinds of images of violence, suicide, harassment or rape and disseminate them, forget that there is a family behind and that the consequences are enormous.”

Océane ©

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