TESTIMONIAL. “My Irish dancing made the buzz on TikTok, I’m joining the Riverdance troupe”

Morgan Bullock, 20, just landed the moon thanks to social media and his talent. The young woman started Irish dance ten years ago at the Baffa Academy of Irish Dance in Midlothian, Virginia (United States). “I got into this out of curiosity, to make it a simple hobby. I immediately loved it, and I think I was not bad at it,” she says with a mischievous smile. The little girl has a gift, that’s undeniable. It integrates codes and steps with ease. The academy quickly sends her to competitions, which she wins hands down.

When she takes the stage, what is the surprise of the participants and the spectators to discover this young African-American in a discipline of folk dance where the competitions are held in traditional costumes. Morgan’s passion is such that she doesn’t care about surprised looks. She studies the history of Ireland and devours everything she can glean from her traditional dances.

Arousing astonishment, the young woman was accused of “cultural appropriation”

Irish circles all over the country, where she now performs, adopt this atypical dancer who is always smiling. “Her progress has been phenomenal and she has so much grace that, in the community, she has become a real little star,” says Jessie Baffa, the director of the academy. For some time now, Morgan has been posting clips on social media where she performs Irish tap dance sequences. By taking a TikTok challenge on a remix of a Beyoncé song, her video, viewed by 1.2 million internet users, went viral. But not only…

Tina Lawson, Queen B’s mother, relayed her performance on her Instagram account. The general public is captivated by his talent, but this sudden global publicity has led to Morgan being accused by some of “cultural appropriation”. What surprised the young dancer: “I never even thought that this could be an accusation that I would be made. Over the years, like during my travels in Ireland, I have always been greeted with the love and support of the Irish, I’m just in love with their culture, sincerely, ”she told Tina, who asked her about the subject.

“It’s the Holy Grail for a dancer to join this troupe, it’s the pinnacle”

Fortunately, this wailing minority did not cover the heap of praise Morgan received. To the point of having piqued the interest of Padraic Moyles, the director of Riverdance – the most important musical Irish dance show in the world -, who invited her to perform with the troupe during her visit to Wolf Trap National Park. of Vienna this year. “It’s the Holy Grail for a dancer, Riverdance is the pinnacle, and Wolf Trap on top of that! I’m so happy!”, Says the new star who continues from the covers of specialized magazines.


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