TESTIMONIAL. “My father has 27 wives, and I have 78 sisters and 71 brothers…”

To be without a family is like a tree without branches. But when the family is too large, we collapse under the leaves and we lack air and light. This is what happened to Merlin. Her father, Winston Black-more, 64, is a Mormon living in Bountiful, British Columbia, who had up to 27 female companions simultaneously; 22 had children with him, and 16 are still his wives. Merlin, 19, is one of 150 children in this strange family, and he decided to share his experience, from the United States where he now lives.

“I wanted to talk about it for years. But as long as I lived there I didn’t dare, for fear of being assaulted. Now I’m in a position where I can. Everyone should know, everyone must find out this madness, “he said on TikTok. Because the illegal nature of polygamy was confirmed in Canada at the end of 2011 by the Supreme Court of the province of British Columbia. In a video seen by 1.2 million people, Merlin tells the story of this self-sufficient community.

“All baby names in my age range begin with the letter M”

Thus 22 wives of his father came from six siblings. On a daily basis, families live in community. “Usually there are two mothers and their children in the same house: one downstairs, the other upstairs,” he explains. the other mothers of the “mother” family followed by her first name. “At school, Merlin rubbed shoulders in his class with five brothers, four sisters, seven cousins ​​and two nephews!

Of the 150 siblings, 78 are girls and 72 are boys, the oldest is 44 years old, while the youngest is barely 1 year old. One of the photos posted on the social network shows a man sitting surrounded by 21 babies. “That’s my dad. That little boy on his lap is me, and you wanna know what’s crazy? Is that all baby names in my age range start with the letter M . In polygamous groups where there are too many children, that’s how they follow you, ”Merlin explains.

“It’s impossible to remember all the first names of brothers and sisters, I know about 30 of them. And I am close to 5 of them, no more”

“It was extremely difficult for me to get the support I needed from my parents, I was mostly raised by my older brothers. Even though my mother may not have been available all the time, she helped me as much as she could. My father, on the other hand, was never there for me. “

The young freedman explains that he obviously does not know his 149 brothers and sisters. “It’s impossible to remember all the first names, I know about 30 of them. And I’m close to 5 of them, no more.” It just goes to show that living in this kind of family is a bit like being in a crowd: there are lots of people, but you hardly know anyone.


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