TESTIMONIAL. “My dog ​​and I are touring the United States to find families of abandoned dogs”

Henry and his dog Finn form an unusual duo of good Samaritans who roam the American roads. It all started in May 2018, Finn is a stray puppy. Rescued by an association, he must be adopted by a family in southern California. Henry Friedman, 30, and his brother Elias, 32, agree to travel with their van for Finn to meet his new owners. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the latter have changed their minds. Henry then decides to adopt the adorable doggie himself. “I lived in my van. Finn turned out to be a very good traveling dog. During this long drive, we got very close,” recalls the young man.

Finn, who turned 2 in 2020, has significantly improved the #VieEnVan experience of the beautiful lonely brunette. “With a dog, you don’t feel like a stranger everywhere you go,” he says. Since then, the duo has gone on journeys on the roads of the United States. Together, they visit beautiful natural sites across the country, as evidenced by the stunning photos and videos posted on their Instagram, @KeepingFinn, followed by nearly 200,000 people.

“We have helped over 60 dogs to find permanent homes”

But not only. Since August 2019, they have also come to the aid of the various shelters for abandoned animals that they cross paths with. Each month, Henry, who is a former advertiser, highlights a refuge in the area where he is located. “My goal is to give them visibility, increase the chances of the dogs who live there to find families, and raise funds for these establishments via a crowdfunding platform.”

To date, the young man and his four-legged companion have raised € 122,000. At the same time, the two friends have organized partnerships with veterinary clinics for free vaccinations and numerous food drives. “We have also helped over 60 dogs to find permanent homes,” says Henry.

“We bring dogs with us on the road and take them on great adventures”

Recently, they joined Wings of Rescue and The Sato Project, which organized, in early December, from Puerto Rico, the air transport of a hundred animals to the United States. KeepingFinn contributed to this with a donation, but also by taking charge of the transfer of two dogs to their new families on the east coast of the United States.

“We bring dogs on the road with us, live the van life with them, take them on great adventures and find them families. What we do is undeniably good, right?”, Concludes the young man. Tell me how you treat your dog, I’ll tell you who you are … By that yardstick, it’s undeniable that Henry is a good guy.


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