Mark Gagnier has been worried for three days. It’s the weekend and he still can’t reach his daughter Jenae. At 33, she leads a hectic life as a model, dancer and influencer. Followed by a community of over 4 million people, Jenae, known as Miss Mercedes Morr, posts daily photos and stories of her sexy looks inspired by those of Kim Kardashian or singer Cardi B. Sunday August 29, Mark, his father, is really concerned.

Her daughter does not respond to her calls, nor to those of her mother Jeaneta. Even more disturbing: she hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram account. When he learns that his friends are also without news, Mark does not hesitate any longer. Convinced that something has happened, he alerts the police and goes to his daughter’s home in Richmond, forty minutes from Houston. “When I arrived the door was locked and Jenae was not answering my phone call, which is unlike her. I knew something was going on,” Mark, distraught, told ABC News.

“What I saw, I would like no parent to experience it”

The police finally opened the door … “What I saw, I would like no parent to live it …”, sighs the dad. Her daughter lies dead at the bottom of the stairs. Mark first thinks of an accident. And while the police take over the house, he follows them. Upstairs, he finds himself facing a terrible scene. “It was on the way up that I saw this guy … So I realized it wasn’t an accident!” There, on the ground, a stranger is dying in a pool of blood, a knife stuck in his neck.

“He was shaking, he was gurgling,” remembers Mark. I understood that he was responsible for the death of my darling daughter. It was a murder. And I was there, facing this guy, his murderer! My sadness gave way to immense anger. ” Around him, all the walls are covered with inscriptions written with lipstick or pens: notes containing confessions, apologies and declarations of love … “There was blood all over the floor .. . It was disgusting, Mark confides in horror. I can’t sleep anymore. ”

“As a dad, my daughter’s millions of followers worried me”

Jenae’s autopsy confirms that the young woman died of strangulation. According to investigators, after his crime, his attacker committed suicide by sticking a knife in his neck. Died from his injury, he could not be heard by investigators, but he was identified: Kevin Accorto, 34, from Florida, is an unbalanced fan, obsessed with his victim.

“She did not know him at all, her father assures us. She had so many fans, we talked about it every week. As a dad, such an audience of several million people worried me. My daughter was beautiful. That to me. is scary. And then, she continued to become more and more beautiful, she exposed herself (on social networks, editor’s note), she worked hard for that. Obviously, that scared me even more. like, ‘Jenae, you have so many fans. Some like you or like your look, but others are more crazy and obsessed.’ ”

Drake dedicated his new album to Miss Mercedes Morr

This is why the father of the family wanted her to protect her privacy. “I told her to be very careful. She has already moved three times. She did not open her door to strangers. She had a lot of requests, she went out to clubs and in the evening for performances. When I told her: ‘Call me when you get home late,’ she would say, ‘Relax daddy, I’m careful.’ When her activity became more professional, I was reassured, because she had a manager and she no longer traveled alone. She was known in her community, she was very appreciated and conducted her business with seriousness. She took care to protect her identity and privacy. She was above all a free woman. ”

When the news of his death became known, many rap personalities paid tribute to him, and rapper Drake dedicated his new album to Mercedes Morr, victim, as the singer wrote, of “toxic masculinity”. But to her parents, she was Jenae, the rest was just glitter.


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