Fay Gardner, 34, is the proud mother of the UK’s youngest drag queen. Aged 11, little Cadyn is passionate about cross-dressing and dreams of becoming a professional artist.

Cadyn Gardner has two dreams: to be a firefighter during the week and a drag queen on the weekends. The 11-year-old Brit discovered cross-dressing in November 2019 while watching television with his parents. Since then, he has lived with his feminine identity: Dezaray Star. “We all started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race,” his mom, Fay Gardner tells The Sun, “and Cadyn has always been an artist. He said ‘I wanna do this.’ I always let my kids playing with my makeup so I said ‘Okay, let Mum do it.’ I put on her makeup and voila – Miss Dezaray Star was born. ” Absolutely passionate, Cadyn regularly borrows clothes from her older sister Skylar, 15, while her younger sister Ripley helps her sew her clothes. “Whenever he gets the chance, he puts on a dress. He loves it,” Fay said.

On social media, especially TikTok, the young drag queen quickly caught the attention of internet users. But while some praise Cadyn for his talent, others are much more skeptical. “Someone said to me ‘your son is too young to cross dress’. But why does it matter? As long as the person is happy. Let the children be children and if they want to dress up, let them. – if the boys want to play with dolls, let them, if the girls want to repair motorcycles, let them. There is no age limit. He wears a wig, a drobe and make-up, and it entertains people and makes them smile. ”

“He’s got that in him, that’s an inspiration”

Unfortunately, the criticism is not only on social networks. At school, Cadyn sometimes has to put up with being laughed at by her classmates, to the point of being discouraged from pursuing her dreams. “He was harassed very violently to the point of being kicked out of school by other students,” says Fay. They insulted him, including the girls. They said he was homosexual, that it was not. was not handsome and he was weird. He stopped cross-dressing for a while because it made him miserable. ”

Despite criticism, Fay encouraged his son to “take responsibility for who he is” and “pursue his dreams”. “We don’t care what other people think and I’ve always made sure my kids know it.” Very proud, the young woman hopes to see her son achieve his goal and perform one day in the dresses of Dezaray Star. “He goes to school and talks about what he is, I see him becoming someone. He has that in him, it’s an inspiration. (…) If other parents, somewhere, we children like him, leave them. I have learned so much from Cadyn, who he is as a person and that he will become there, and I couldn’t be prouder. ”


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