While most people who plan to propose their marriage hope for the sun as a backdrop, 29-year-old meteorologist Tom Bedard does not. In 2016, the young man met Raya Maday, 26, also a meteorologist, at an American Meteorological Society event in New Orleans. Love at first sight is immediate. A year later, they moved to Wichita, Kansas, where they had both just been hired by Accu Weather, a company that produces weather forecasts for the media.

Our two lovebirds have a lot in common, and in particular a very particular one … “We are both passionate about tornadoes, even if we have never had the chance to see one in real life”, confides Raya. So when, in this year 2021, Tom decides to ask his darling in marriage, it is only natural that he considers doing it by realizing their common dream. But how do you know when and where a tornado is developing?

Tom had decided to ask Raya if the wind was there

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Forecasting Center released a severe weather forecast for Colorado in mid-May for the weekend of May 29 and 30, with a tornado risk on the 31st. had no difficulty in convincing Raya to leave with me to try to observe it “, explains our lover. In the night from Sunday to Monday, they therefore leave to join the vicinity of Colorado Springs, where the event is to take place.

In his pocket, Tom has an engagement ring and he’s not off the hook: he’s decided to ask the fateful question if and only if the weather conditions are right. “I was ready to face any weather situation. The only thing that worried me was not having a storm,” says Tom. Fortunately, Mother Nature favors them, and within hours of arriving at their destination, a tornado appears on the horizon.

“We really want a tornado for our wedding”

“We were in an incredible natural landscape resembling a canyon when we saw the column of wind appear. I could not have asked for a better setting,” says Tom. “When the tornado hit the ground, so did her left knee,” recalls Raya, still deeply moved by this incredible surprise. “It was a moment that I will never forget,” recalls the one who threw herself into his arms, saying “yes” to him.

The couple, who has not yet set a date for the wedding, however already knows the place. “Somewhere in the middle of Tornado Alley (a region covering several American states where tornadoes frequently occur, editor’s note). We very much want another tornado for our wedding,” they assure. It remains to be seen whether the expression that associates rain with a happy marriage is also true for a windy union!

Tom Bedard and Raya Maday © FACEBOOK RAYA MADAY

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