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TESTIMONIAL. “I risked my life to protect my sister from a dog attacking her”

July 9 is a day that 6-year-old Bridger and her 4-year-old little sister will remember for the rest of their lives. The two children are playing when the little boy sees a German Shepherd running towards his sister. By reflex no doubt, the courageous fellow then intervenes between the one-year-old mastiff and the little girl. “‘The German Shepherd jumped at Bridger’s throat and bit her cheek savagely,” the police report describes. But even after the terrible attack, the little boy grabs his sister’s hand and runs as fast as possible to shelter, the dog at their heels.

Seriously injured in the face and the skull, the heroic big brother had to undergo two hours of operation from which he emerged with 90 stitches! When his upset father asked him why he had reacted this way, Bridger replied simply, “If anyone was to die, it was me.” This poignant story of courage and brotherly love moved Americans, but also stars!

“Courage is knowing what is right and acting accordingly, even in times of danger”

Bridger’s aunt has indeed devoted an Instagram page to the act of bravery of her nephew, a big fan of the Avengers saga. A post that caught the attention of actress Anne Hathaway. “I’m not one of the Avengers, but I know a hero when I see one,” the Oscar-winning actress wrote on Instagram under pictures of the little boy and his sister. I hope I have at least half of your courage during my life and I wish you a good recovery. @MarkRuffalo, you do not need a teammate? “, she concludes with humor for the interpreter of Hulk in the saga Avengers . “Bridger, I respect and admire you,” the actor replied on Twitter. “Courage doesn’t mean dominating others, fighting or walking like a tough guy. Courage is knowing what is right and act accordingly, even if it means putting yourself in danger. You behaved like a man. ”

Chris Evans, aka Captain America, also sent the little boy a congratulatory video in which he calls him a hero and promises to send him a shield identical to the one his character never separates from. But that’s not all, on a video unveiled on Instagram, Robert Downey Jr., who plays Iron Man, announced a nice surprise for his birthday! “Bridger, you’re a rock star! I heard Captain America sent you a shield. I’ll do better. You just have to call me on your next birthday. I’ll get something. something special for you. ”

But it is undoubtedly the proposal of Tom Holland which gave the most pleasure to the courageous little boy. The interpreter of Spiderman offered him to spend some time on the set of the next film dedicated to the spider man!

An act of bravery that cost him 90 stitches © INSTAGRAM NICOLENOELWALKER

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