On this January 18, 2003, it was summer in Byron Bay, Australia. The sun is shining and Gianna Mazzeo, 27, enjoys its rays while cooling off in the Pacific Ocean. Coming out of the water, she notices a group of men playing soccer further up the beach. His eyes fall on one of the players. “I found him extremely beautiful,” she recalls. The young woman, who resides in Melbourne, is on vacation in Byron Bay with two friends.

The seaside town of New South Wales is a destination known for its surf breaks, orange sunsets, laid-back vibe, great food and lively beach bars. But right now, what interests our siren is this young man she has just noticed. She doesn’t take her eyes off him. And he feels her gaze. “We exchanged a smile. And he came to talk to me,” says Gianna. The handsome kid’s name is Sebastian Guggenberger, he’s 28, is German and came to Australia for a semester at the University of Sydney as part of his engineering studies.

On a hike, Sebastian asks eight-month-pregnant Gianna to marry him

“Talking with a girl on a beach was not my habit, but when she smiled at me, it was stronger than me, I had to talk to her,” he says. It’s love at first sight. The same evening, everyone meets at the beach bar. The following days, they walk the coastal paths and scour the bars with a view of the ocean in the evening. They don’t want to leave each other anymore. Gianna quits her job and goes to live in Laberweinting, Germany with the one who capsized her heart. In 2005, Gianna got pregnant.

Eight months later, despite the proximity of childbirth, Sebastian takes his sweetheart for a hike in Tegensee, Bavaria, in southern Germany. “And when we got to the top, I asked her to marry me,” said the young man. A year later, they celebrated their family wedding in the beautiful surroundings of Bali. The couple have since had two more children, and this summer the happy parents will take Alan, 15, Thomas, 12, and Ursulla, 10, to Byron Bay to celebrate their Crystal Wedding Anniversary as a family. Beware of your travels and your summer loves, they can transform your life!

Gianna Mazzeo and Sebastian Guggenberger © FACEBOOK GIANNA MAZZEO

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