February 2013. In the Vatican, Benedict XVI has just given up his office. A month later, on March 13, the cardinals met in conclave to elect the current Pope Francis. As Cardinal Dolan’s assistant, Father Jonathan Morris, a 48-year-old American, fidgets in the hallways. At the same time, New Yorker Kaitlyn Folmer, 37, is also in the Vatican. On assignment for the American channel ABC, she is preparing an interview with Cardinal Dolan on the Good Morning America program.

It was Father Morris who organized the intervention of the cardinal. And he admits that Kaitlyn impressed her then: “I found her intelligent, resplendent, very efficient and very energetic. Someone who will not be forgotten.” The young producer also falls under the spell: “He was very nice, very pleasant, and surprisingly pretty boy.” What she does not know is that after a life devoted to the priesthood, Jonathan is filled with doubts. He is no longer sure of wanting to do without love, marriage, a family. But once the cardinal’s interview is recorded, everyone returns to their own life.

Three weeks after their first lunch, he gives no news

Six long years pass. In June 2019, during an American television broadcast, Jonathan announced that he was renouncing the priesthood. Kaitlyn is in front of her screen, flabbergasted. She never forgot it and wrote to him immediately. He replies, “Are you still in New York? Would you like to go to lunch?” Oh yeah. “I was as curious as I was excited,” Kaitlyn says. “We drank rosé and talked for two hours.”

But three weeks after this first lunch, radio silence. Jonathan doesn’t give any news. This meeting troubles him, he needs time. Kaitlyn, she is impatient. She wants to see him again. He will call on July 4, a national holiday in the United States. “Busy with his new job, he had however thought of me and asked me if I would like to go to dinner with him”, rejoices the young woman who has become a TV producer.

They got married seven years after falling in love with the Vatican

This dinner on July 21 will be the start of their beautiful romance. They therefore talk to each other several times a day. In October, their relationship took another step forward: “He turned to me and said, ‘I want to be with you. Just you, no one else,'” Kaitlyn exults.

“He’s the most caring human being I’ve ever met. He’s soothing and kind, and he brings out the best in me,” says the one who married Jonathan on October 17 at St. Patrick from New York, in front of 200 guests. Married seven years after their silent love at first sight in the Vatican. “When you know, you know,” Kaitlyn concludes. “And with Jonathan, I knew right away. He was unforgettable.”

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