At 31 years old, Kovid Kapoor did not expect his first name to be promoted so much in the past two years! If man until then appreciated this originality, today his life has become completely different because of the pandemic …

A challenge for all future parents, the originality of a first name can make their child’s life more enjoyable, entertaining or … more difficult. Especially when you introduce yourself for the first time and your first name unintentionally makes the front page.

This is the case of Kovid Kapoor, from Bangalore in India, whose life has changed completely since the start of the pandemic. Owner of a travel agency, the 31-year-old returned to the crazy attention paid to his first name.

A name no longer so confidential

In the English newspaper Mirror, Kovid says, “Before the pandemic, I always thought it was a unique name”. And for good reason, in 31 years he has only met one other person named Kovid. It was in college and this similarity immediately brought the two young people closer together. In 2019, when the WHO first announced the word Covid, Kovid was amused, as were his entourage. “Friends and relatives started sharing the reports with me. It was surprising at first “. Reactions from strangers are also friendly at the very beginning of the events “People found it really funny, they thought I was joking or that I had changed my name.” He even changes his Twitter bio to “My name is Kovid and I’m not a virus.”

A persistent misunderstanding

“For three consecutive months, my name was on TV every day, albeit with a slight spelling difference. It was awesome. My mother was also very amused ”. This very particular first name, his mother had chosen in a religious hymn. In Hindi, it means “scholar”. Far from the virus and its consequences! However, the more the pandemic evolves, the more the reactions change. Kovid gets laughed at and stares at from baristas in cafes when he gives his first name. Others do not hesitate to ask him if he is lying or if he has changed his real name to play a joke on others. For her thirtieth birthday, her friends ordered her a personalized cake. But the baker, believing that the message intended for the icing included a spelling error, transformed the initial “Kovid 30” into “Covid 30”. Despite the relentless ridicule of the situation, Kovid continues to want to see its fun and unique side in it, and hopes, through this combination of circumstances, to attract the attention he receives to his travel agency!


I love my original name but people think it's a joke
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