On the Mumsnet forum, a desperate young mother tells how, at the birth of her daughter, she chose her first name under anesthesia and now bitterly regrets it.

For some parents, the baby’s first name is obvious. For others, it’s a little more complicated. On the Mumsnet discussion board, a young mother said she chose her daughter’s first name during childbirth while still under anesthesia. The problem is, she hates him. “I was under anesthesia during childbirth, and told my husband I wanted to call her Billie (we’ve been trying to agree on a name for months), did -she writes to the other parents on the forum. He replied that he could live with that and immediately called his mother to tell her the news. An hour later, she texted me to tell me that she loved it. the first name. She had tears in her eyes because that was her father’s nickname. ”

“When I brought her home my two older children kept saying her first name and it made me wince”

Today, the whole family is delighted with the name chosen for the girl. All, except the young mother. “A few hours later I realized I hated the first name and I’m stuck with it now. When I brought her home my two older children kept saying her first name and it made me wince. ” Regretful, the young woman says she tried to say two words to her husband, to no avail. “My husband said ‘It’s hard, you can’t change it,’ and I would feel guilty about his mother.”

On Mumsnet, the testimony of the young mother aroused many reactions. Many of them find her husband’s reaction inappropriate and encourage the new mother not to be walked on by her mother-in-law. “Explain to him that you were under anesthesia at the time, that you did not really agree to him announcing it to everyone, that you would have wanted to discuss it before and that after reflection, you can’t live with that first name, “wrote one internet user. “She’s a newborn baby, she doesn’t know her first name yet so it wouldn’t change a thing for her if you changed it. Change it and choose a first name that you will like to use for the next 60 years!” Encourages another. . One thing is certain, the next family reunion promises to be an eventful one.


I hate my daughter's first name because I was under anesthesia when I found the idea
Lara T.
Lara T.

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