TESTIMONIAL. “I got the same birthmark tattoo as my son to make him feel more confident”.

It is first and foremost the unconditional love of his parents that builds a child, and Derek Sr, a 43-year-old Canadian, understood this well. When he realized that his son, Derek Jr, was ashamed of the birthmark on his left chest, he decided to take action. Helping his 8-year-old son to regain his self-confidence has even become his sole and main goal.

“My boy had always been proud of his birthmark and then one day I noticed he was starting to hide it. I thought if I had the same one too, maybe he would feel less alone and more confident, ”explains the father of a small IT company. Immediately, he calls on a tattoo artist in the city and asks him to reproduce on him the mark that nature has left on his son’s body. Derek Sr remembers the first session with the tattoo artist, when, after four hours, he asks him if it’s over soon and the professional responds: “Yes, we are finished with the outline soon.”

“Tattooing the ribs and pecs is very painful”, specifies the tattoo artist

“I thought one session would be enough, reports this courageous dad, still in shock. But the three hours I had imagined turned into thirty hours, spread over nine sessions. In the end, it lasted eight weeks!” Derek Sr. even had to undergo what in Canada is nicely called ‘numb treatment’ (a type of local anesthesia), due to the size and position of the tattoo.

Tony Gibbert, the owner of the tattoo parlor who produced the work, attests to the courage it took our super dad: “This part of the body, the ribs, the pectoral area, is crossed by very sensitive nerve endings. . It is very painful if you draw a full and massive tattoo. It is amazing that you chose to comfort your son in this way and make him feel better. The tattoo artist that I am is proud to have been able to contribute to it. ”

“I jumped into daddy’s arms so much that made me happy!”

The main interested party, Derek Jr, was particularly touched and moved by his father’s gesture. “When my sisters and I went to play in the pool, my father said to me, ‘Come here, I want to show you something.’ He took off his shirt, and I saw a huge tattoo similar to my birthmark. I jumped into his arms so much that made me happy, “he says, his eyes shining.

Now, when Marie, his mother, asks him if he is more comfortable when he has to take off his T-shirt at the swimming pool, the little boy replies: “If daddy is here, I can take off my T-shirt. ” A father not only gives life, he also gives love and confidence to move forward. A mission largely successful by Derek Sr!

Derek & Derek © © DOC YOUTUBE

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