TESTIMONIAL. “I gave up everything to travel the world and found love 8,000 km from home”

In the spring of 2014, Meigo Märk made a living from his musical compositions and lived in a wooden house in the middle of the Estonian forest. Passionate about sports and travel, the 24-year-old Estonian devours the tales of adventurers. “Reading the stories of people who had walked tens of thousands of miles, something happened to me. This idea of ​​walking very long distances became an obsession and a dream.” Meigo makes the radical decision to survey the world for ten years and travel 40,075 km, or the circumference of the Earth.

He rented out his chalet and, two weeks later, with a bag on his back and € 8 in his pocket, Meigo left his native country and began his journey to Asia. He begins his journey through Eastern Europe and sometimes sleeps in his tent, sometimes with locals. “I have been accommodated in all kinds of places: from a small bamboo hut in Nepal to a multimillionaire’s house in Singapore, to a Buddhist monastery at the foot of the Himalayas.”

“We were so different, but with so much in common”

At the end of 2016, Meigo entered Vietnam where he was immediately won over by the local sense of hospitality. “Lots of people were trying to stop me so I could drink tea with them,” he laughs. One evening in 2016, during a party, he met Sâm, a young Vietnamese woman who also dreams of traveling the world. She brings up the idea of ​​going a long way with him. “We were immediately under the spell of each other. We were so different, but with so much in common,” they report together.

Meigo lands for a while in Hanoi near Sâm. To keep in shape, he joins the daily jogging of the dynamic young woman. Despite their amorous complicity, the long-haul traveler does not manage to turn away from his goal. With a heavy heart, Meigo resumes his journey through Southeast Asia. But his health forced him to stop, he found himself hospitalized in Indonesia in 2018.

“This woman had filled my heart all at once, I didn’t want to be without her anymore”

Sam immediately comes to visit her … and it clicks: “This woman had filled my heart all at once, I no longer wanted to be without her”, confides the Estonian with the azure gaze. Halfway through his crossing, Meigo puts his backpack down in Hanoi. A few months later, the couple got married, and their baby, Maria Mai, was born. The ex-adventurer has not given up on his challenge and intends to cover the 20,000 km or so.

He will resume his walk in Indonesia, where he left off two years earlier. But this time Meigo will not be alone, he will travel with his wife and daughter. An initiatory journey that has become family-friendly and which, according to Meigo, will take the trifle of six or seven years for their everyone’s happiness.


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