TESTIMONIAL. “I gave birth during my bar exam to become a lawyer”

She is a very young lawyer, but her determination already commands respect. Certainly, future Brianna Hill clients are in good hands. Brianna, 28, graduated in May from the law school of Loyola University in Chicago, immediately took the bar exam, which took place in July. She will then be six months pregnant, which does not scare her. Becoming a lawyer is her dream and she refuses to postpone it. But the coronavirus will disrupt his plans. The exam is postponed until October, exactly at the end of her pregnancy.

Brianna doesn’t care and continues to revise. “We’ll see,” she said to herself. “I’ll certainly give birth before or after the exam.” Due to the lockdown, US universities are administering exams remotely. The online version of the bar is broken down into four 90-minute tests, spread over two days. And to eliminate any possibility of cheating, candidates are monitored and must absolutely stay in front of their screen.

In the middle of the contractions, Brianna finishes her first day of ordeals … before heading to the hospital!

On October 5, Brianna therefore settles down, with her round belly, in front of her computer and begins her first day of examination. But baby decides her time has come. Before the end of the first test, the young woman loses water. “I admit that at this point, I panicked a bit,” she admits. She is allowed to phone her midwife, who assures her that she has a little time before the birth. So, with fierce determination, while enduring the increasingly intense contractions, Brianna manages to finish her first day of examination.

Then, with her husband Cameron, she rushes to West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park in the suburbs of Chicago. Their first child, Cassius, was born just after 10 p.m. But the young mother is not at the end of her troubles … Because she still has other trials to go through the next day! “I was advised to retire for medical reasons after the first day, because it would be complicated to finish my checkup in the hospital. Well, even though I hemorrhaged after giving birth, I still spent the second day! “, she explains, bravado.

Hospital staff arranged for her to breastfeed her baby during exam breaks

It is Cameron and the hospital team who will make the smooth running of this day possible. An empty room was graciously loaned to the candidate, and the staff even coordinated so that she could breastfeed her baby during breaks. “I spent the first part of the exam sitting on towels because I had lost water and the second sitting on ice because I had given birth the day before,” says the courageous student.

On December 1, the proud mother confirmed on her Facebook page that she had obtained her exam. “I DONE! I’m so happy to be officially a lawyer. But now I’m going to go celebrate with my lovely little family!” If one had to quote someone who represents the adage “A valiant heart, nothing is impossible!”, There is no doubt that Brianna would be chosen!


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