Fallen madly in love 12 years ago, a young man named Jordan Scott is now doing everything possible to find the one he considers the woman of his life.

It all started on a trip to the south of France 12 years ago. Jordan Scott flies to Perpignan to participate in its rugby competitions. The young man, who is 14 years old at the time, goes to the swimming pool of his hotel and meets the beautiful Katie, one year his junior. Love at first sight is immediate and the two lovebirds begin a relationship. But the stay comes to an end and the duo must go their separate ways. The teenager returns home to East Yorkshire in England while his sweetheart heads back to the West Midlands. After some time of writing adorable letters to each other, they end up cutting ties because of the distance.

Now 25 years old, Jordan Scott wants to reconnect with Katie after finding the famous letters in his room. “She made me laugh and smile. Now that I have found these letters, I want to see if I can rekindle the flame and ask her questions,” he confides in an interview with HullLive. also specifies that re-immersing in these memories has “broken his heart” and that after all this time, he even has the impression of having “lost a loved one.” Desperate to find the trace of his youthful love. , the Englishman quickly turned to social networks.

A cry for help to find the love of his life

Jordan Scott therefore did not hesitate to post Katie’s letters on Facebook in the hope of obtaining information on her. “Anyone know a Katie from the West Midlands? Contact me, we’ll talk, I miss you, I remember we were together on vacation that went back 12 years,” he wrote. Liked 243 times and shared 30 times, the publication made its little buzz on the platform. If some Internet users suggest that they could know the young woman, others advise the Briton to publish his message on Twitter. For now, the main interested party is still looking for his sweetheart.


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