TESTIMONIAL. “I created a dating site where I offer € 5,000 to the person who will help me find the woman of my life”

At the bend of a road in Austin, Texas, passers-by come across a very unusual billboard. It is the one funded by Leon Hendrix, a young German who arrived in the United States a year ago to develop his business in events. The young man likes to make it big, including his amorous quest for “the dream girl”. “Due to the pandemic I had to postpone starting my business,” said the handsome blonde. “As a result, I had a lot of free time and, yes, I wanted to meet someone.”

Disappointed by the traditional dating sites he used upon his arrival in Uncle Sam’s country, he decides to put his marketing skills at the service of his love project. “Instead of marketing a product, I marketed myself, to gain efficiency,” says the entrepreneur. He then rents poster space in South Congress, one of Austin’s busiest neighborhoods, and on Stassney Lane. Above: her photo and the following words: “Single? Come meet Leon! Join Dateleon.com”

He received nearly 1200 applications, but still none of really “valid” in his eyes.

On the site, candidates are invited to complete a questionnaire. There are “light” questions such as “Do you read books? Do you listen to podcasts? Or Do you watch certain channels on YouTube?” There are also “deeper” ones such as “What is the most difficult challenge you have faced in your personal life?” Finally, the site offers 5,000 € to the person who sponsors the happy woman who will become his girlfriend. “The € 5,000 is, in fact, just part of the marketing ploy, and it works wonderfully,” says Leon Hendrix. “Some have shared the ad seriously, but most people just send it to their friends as a joke, which is perfect. It means more awareness, and it keeps the discussion and engagement on Facebook going,” continued our strategist from the heart.

Leon received nearly 1,200 applications on his site before closing registrations. The flip side of his approach is that a majority of responses come from trolls or people who just want the money back. But the bachelor remains upbeat: “I sort of kill two birds with one stone. I might just meet someone and it connects me with other interesting people who find it quirky and funny.” In a recent video, the young man says he made an appointment with a candidate for “the most daring date he has ever had”. Well done Leon, with a valiant heart nothing impossible.

Leon Hendrix ©

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