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TESTIMONIAL. “I created a cosmetic line for cancer patients”

Tanned, athletic and ultra-feminine, in August 2013, Isabelle Guyomarch, head of a company with 250 employees in luxury cosmetics, is a model of professional success. Personal too, with two grown-up daughters from a first marriage and great love with her second husband. “I divorced to live our story to the full, as I always do, with passion, refusing fear.” The evening of their five years of marriage, her husband whispers to her after love: “I felt a lump, there, in your breast …”

Tipping point. The course that follows is, unfortunately, familiar: tumor removal, axillary dissection, chemo, radiotherapy. Nine months of painful treatment, then hormone therapy for the next five years. “It does not matter, say the relatives, celebrating the healing. Except that women are not told that another fight is starting!” Isabelle hammers. There are the after effects, the fear of recurrence and hormonal therapy, which amounts to suppressing hormones, inducing low libido, acne, depression. Against the latter, Isabelle struggles.

“Doctors save lives, but who cares about comfort, about femininity?”

She has decided not to lose anything, neither her business nor her relationship. Her temperament allows her to foil the plans of unscrupulous shareholders who show the plant to Chinese investors when she is in chemo. Isabelle replaces them with her daughters, Lisa and Cécile, who can borrow while the insurance banks close the door to her. She is launching Ozalys, a line of hygiene and care for women in treatment, with mouthwash adapted when the mucous membranes are raw, hand-foot cream for excruciating burns, creams without hormones or phthalates, beyond the regulation.

From the launch, in 2017, it was a success in around thirty countries: “Breast cancer is a pandemic, 2 million women are affected each year in the world, 600,000 die from it! Doctors save lives, but who cares about comfort, about femininity? And it is identity that imprints our entire personal life. Cancer gives birth to another woman. “

You don’t live overnight in the skin of a new woman …

This other woman, Isabelle needs to materialize her: she cuts her long brown hair, worn proudly; she cried too much to see them fall. Isabelle opts for short platinum blonde. In the morning, before going to work, she fidgets for two hours. The desire to please and to love is intact, but the body follows badly, at least at the beginning.

You don’t live overnight in the skin of a new woman. So her husband leaves. “A test that happens to so many women!” But as grief stifles energy, Isabelle smiles. “Let’s say it’s our love that didn’t survive.” To make Ozalys grow, Isabelle needs all her strength and embody her slogan, “Stay beautiful.”

Isabelle Guyomarch © EUGENIE MARTINEZ

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