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TESTIMONIAL. “I became a millionaire thanks to an old telephone cord!”

Some bakes change your life! In 2011, that of Sophie Trelles-Tvede will make him take a decisive turn. The 18-year-old Swiss student was then in her first year at the University of Warwick, England. Studious, she spends her days and part of her evenings studying her lessons. “Studying in England had always been a dream, but I had a lot of work and, when I went on vacation, at Christmas, I felt like I didn’t deserve them,” says the young woman.

To change her mind, she agrees to go to a fancy dress party. Theme imposed: “Clothes made of odds and ends”. In lack of inspiration, Sophie has a crazy idea when leaving her apartment. “I saw an old telephone hanging on the wall and I had the idea to tear off its spiral cord and use it as an elastic in my hair,” says Sophie. It is the next morning that the young woman will have, as she says herself, a bright idea!

“At first, no one believed in the potential of our product”

“I woke up with a hangover,” she admits. “But without the upside-down head that usually comes with it. No knots or bumps in my hairstyle. My improvised elastics weren’t pulling my straight hair. ” Convinced that she is on her way, Sophie calls on her boyfriend, Felix Haffa, 19. The lovers embark on the adventure with their own money. They ask a telephone cord vendor to remove the central electrical wire and develop a prototype of a spiral-shaped hair tie …

But the result did not really meet their expectations. “The first prototype was just awful!” Says Sophie with a big smile. But despite the mockery, the couple persevered: “At the beginning, nobody believed in the potential of our product. Our college friends found it ridiculous to want to develop a hair accessory,” recalls Sophie who persists. And, after months of testing, they finally develop a successful prototype, file a patent and start production.

Today, the accessory is distributed in twelve countries!

“My roommates even made fun of posts on Instagram where I praised the Invisibobbles,” recalls the young woman. They must bite their fingers. Two years after Sophie’s hangover, the magic elastic band that does not damage the hair has found its audience. Sales exploded in 2013 and the accessory was sold in twelve countries. When Sophie graduated in 2014, her company already recorded a turnover of 5 million euros!

Today the company is based in Munich, Germany. In 2019, it posted 20 million euros in sales. Pragmatic, Sophie does not hold it against her friends who decried her and has only one advice for all young people who have a good idea: “Get started because, if you do not do it, someone ‘one will do it for you! ”

In summer 2019, Sophie opened an Instagram account to share the Invisibobble adventure with her fans and clients. © INSTAGRAM SOPHIE_INVISIBOBBLE

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