Ten years ago, Blue June proclaimed herself a true witch. Since then, she has used “attraction magic” to rekindle the flames in couples in crisis.

Who says magic doesn’t exist? At 41, Blue June is a self-proclaimed witch. In her small New York office, she sees clients several times a week and uses her magical powers to guide them. Yet Blue didn’t always believe in witchcraft. “I had visions when I was little, but I was completely in denial,” she tells British newspaper The Sun. I made fun of it until I was 32, it was he ten years ago. I saw dead people, and I’m still apprehensive about being the go-between today. I’m here for the living, I don’t talk to the dead. I was very scared, what I was seeing. It terrified me. Most of the spirits I saw did not know they were dead. There were little children with the energy of slapping spirits. Spirits that don’t know they are dead are dead are dead. often very angry. ”

At the age of 32, Blue came to realize and accept his magical powers. Today, she intervenes in the problems of daily life and practices a magic called “attraction”, which aims to reconcile couples in difficulty. She says she performs 3 to 7 spells a day, both on herself and on her clients. “I recently hexed a friend who was going through a difficult situation and was on his way to court,” she explains. not, or ghost another person, I use it to bring people together. (…) If I wanted to have a lover, I would probably write some intentions on a piece of paper, light a pink candle and maybe burn the paper. We all have desires and the ability to transmit energy around us for our own desires. ”

“I like to read skeptics”

But while Blue believes very strongly in her abilities, she insists that there are things that need to happen naturally. “I always make a diagnosis before practicing magic. I always say that you have to take the time to let things happen naturally. (…) I am very clear with people. The results change over time. because we are endowed with free will. ” And as for the skeptics, Blue June makes it her business. “One of the worst preconceptions people have is that witchcraft is an evil act and it has to do with curses and the devil. But I’m here for the skeptics. I like reading these people. ”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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