Lilian Wawira Gatimu is 28 years old and over 2m tall. In Kenya, where she lives, women work and participate in the life of the city. And in these areas, its very large size was rather an asset. As for her love affairs, on the other hand, she had to overcome many more obstacles. Men are in awe of this giantess, and are uncomfortable being smaller than her. So, when 33-year-old Ezekiel Mwangi Maina approached her from the height of his small yardstick during a mutual friend’s wedding, Lilian was in awe of the young man’s courage.

“As soon as he saw me, he asked for my phone number. I told myself that he was not really afraid of anything and that he was a real man. Dare to court a woman of 2 m when you only measure 1 m yourself, sacred panache! “recalls Lilian. The discussion started, they spent the day together, saw each other, liked each other and a serious relationship quickly emerged. But the lovers clashed with their respective entourage …

Even today, we laugh at their differences in wedding photos

Ezekiel’s family tried to convince him to “leave this funny woman and find someone of his stature.” Just as Lilian’s friends fiercely criticized the budding romance. “Some said mean things to me, and in particular that I had better look for someone as tall as me if I didn’t want to be laughed at by everyone ‘with my dwarf'”, reports the young woman.

Against all odds, the lovebirds decided to get married on December 19, 2020, in the ACK Emmanuel church in Karatina, a hundred kilometers from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Lilian had chosen a white lace dress, Ezekiel a bespoke gray suit, and around them fluttered eight bridesmaids dressed in purple satin. It was a beautiful day, but the mockery erupted. Even today, we laugh at their differences in wedding photos even if Lilian tries to silence the critics.

Ignoring these criticisms, the couple now want to live their difference in harmony

“Size is too trivial a question to worry about. Love doesn’t stop at this kind of detail,” she asserts. The problem is, people don’t believe their feelings: if Lilian, an Anglican evangelist by profession, is with Ezekiel, a businessman, it would be value for his money. This time, it is Ezekiel who intervenes: “If we were as rich as they say, we would not spend our honeymoon at home, in Karatina, but in Dubai or in Masai Mara (splendid natural reserve of the Kenya, Editor’s note)! ” Ignoring these criticisms, the couple now want to live their difference in harmony. “We love each other deeply and that is enough for us,” they conclude together. When we tell you that size doesn’t matter!

Lilian and Ezekiel © FACEBOOK VIRAL NAIRA

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