“I was affected by Walt Disney syndrome!” Says Lucie Capitaine, laughing. Because it is by the grace of a dog, the Dalmatian of her dreams offered by her lover in 2015, that the young woman changed her life. Lucie and Maxime then lead in Paris what is called a “normal life”: metro, (big) job and sleep after the Lutèce walk along the quays in “a city full of magic, that I do not deny”, clarifies Lucie. Nor does she deny the diamonds which are then her daily life.

The young woman works in luxury marketing at Place Vendôme, an international epicenter of jewelry. His companion is a building engineer. But, from stroll to stroll, Lucie and Maxime sigh: “Our weekends have changed. It has become the countryside at all costs, and hiking holidays rather than abroad. For Lutèce.” The day Maxime is transferred to Lyon, Lucie decides to leave her professional setting after a few surreal scenes, such as the day a customer burst into tears in the shop because her husband refused to offer her 200,000 earrings. €.

At 30, she did not hesitate to return to high school to become a dog trainer

“I wanted to be my own boss, to have an activity that touches me deeply. Taking care of dogs was my dream job,” sighs Lucie. To the angels since she did it! It remains to move from luxury marketing to “boss in a profession around dogs”. When the couple arrived in Lyon in 2018, Lucie followed a Pôle Emploi training course for project leaders. She abandons the too urban idea of ​​a crèche intended for dogs for that of canine boarding. And, at 30, she joined teenagers on the benches of the agricultural school to train. In his class of seventeen apprentices, some are oriented towards the sheep, the cow or the bee, it is towards the dog.

Lutèce herself works hard since we learn on the job, with each other’s dogs. In June 2019, Lucie obtained her canine trainer diploma: “The same day, we had the keys to the large house that we had located in Ardèche, one hour from Lyon, with a beautiful land to set up Truffles, Mustaches & Company, ”she says, with the chic of a luxury hotel owner. Because his new diamonds are his canine residents.

Satisfied by the affection of her doggies, Lucie does not plan to have a child

In small individual wooden chalets, with terrace and enclosed garden of 40 m², doggies of all sizes and all breeds have heating in winter, a small swimming pool in summer, many activities and friends found in the summer. ” a stay in another, on the model of the hotel-club, without forgetting the health security, with referent veterinarian. The only difference: we come with our croquettes!

Lucie has fun among them, with Lutèce, Jean-Pierre, a new adopted, Diego the cat, and a few chickens. “Turning into a menagerie is a bit of a danger, Lucie points out. I have to save all my time for vacationers.” And having a child is not planned because, emotionally, she is fulfilled. “At night, by the way, when a dog barks, it wakes me up right away and I go for it, not my partner.” In fact, Lucie has a canine instinct!

Two dogs at Lucie’s canine pension © COLLECTION PERSONNELLE

Lara T.
Lara T.

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