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TESTIMONIAL. “For our wedding anniversary, we lost weight together. We lost 139 kg!”

When they get married on October 20, 2018, Stephanie and Brandon Engblom are happy in their relationship, but not in their bodies. They met in 2016 and love at first sight was immediate. Among the many interests they share is the taste for good food and good food. But one morning in January 2020, the couple in their thirties decides to make a radical change. “We looked at ourselves in the mirror, then we said to ourselves: ‘It is no longer possible, we cannot live like that” “, reports the young woman.

“We each weighed over 135kg, Brandon had just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and I felt really bad, all of my joints were aching.” It’s time to act together, by setting a goal: to drastically lose weight before their second wedding anniversary, which is October 20, 2020. “We had to make this effort if we wanted to live a long life. happy and healthy together, and maybe one day start a family, ”says Brandon Engblom.

“I have been overweight my whole life. I went through a lot of ‘hard diets’ after which I took it all back”

They have nine months to keep their commitment. It is not much but, together, they feel strong and attack without delay. “I have been overweight my whole life. I went through a lot of ‘hard diets’ with which I lost weight, then everything recovered very quickly, says the American. What we needed, if we wanted it to be efficient and sustainable, it was to change our overall lifestyle. “

Do they continue to drink tall lattes? Yes, but now without sugar, whole milk, chocolate or syrup, only an espresso made with almond milk. Do they keep eating tacos and pizza, their cute sins? Yes, but turkey replaces beef, Greek yogurt replaces heavy cream and vegetables with cheese.

“We held on to love each other longer and create a family”

Matched with regular sports practice and love, this strategy of “small steps” is bearing fruit: on their wedding anniversary, as they promised themselves, Stephanie lost 53 kg and Brandon 86 kg! “We often wanted to crack. Without Brandon, I would not have made it, says Stephanie.

It was because we were both doing it, to love each other longer and create a family, that we resisted and held on. It strengthened our relationship, we became stronger together, ”concludes the thirty-something, devouring Brandon with her eyes.

Stephanie and Brandon © INSTAGRAM

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