Bobby Humphreys, 48, is a bodybuilder from Maryland, USA, for whom life was a long, quiet river. But in 2016, patatras: after seventeen years of marriage, on New Year’s Eve, his wife leaves him for another man. Distraught with the sudden stop of what, until then, had been his balance, Bobby sinks into a deep depression and repeatedly attempts to commit suicide. “I was on the brink. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted everything to stop,” said the one who, at the time, was nothing more than a broken man. And it is an unexpected event that will save him …

In the middle of a move, his friend Connie, who has been carrying him at arm’s length since the separation, needs a service. She asks him to keep her dog Lady, a chihuahua. Bobby isn’t thrilled by the prospect: he’s out of shape, doesn’t like small dogs, and then Lady doesn’t like people. Cohabitation promises to be difficult, but he can not refuse his friend anything.

“The little Lady got me back on my feet thanks to her affection”

On D-Day, everyone is on their side. The surly man is in front of his TV, the bitch, in her basket, looking sad and scowling. Not supporting to see the little bitch like this, the colossus with the heart of artichoke undertakes, at the risk of being bitten, to take her in his arms with all the delicacy possible. To his surprise, Lady curls up on him. When Connie returns for her dog, she can’t believe it: between the ball of hair and the ball of muscles, there is love.

And for the first time since his breakup, the bodybuilder is happy: “Lady got me back on my feet thanks to her love and affection,” he says. After this overwhelming experience, the tender-hearted man decides to adopt his own chihuahua, Kira, who will become the driving force behind his re-engagement in life.

“I know what it’s like to have no one to protect you or just by your side”

“During my adoption process, I discovered that Chihuahuas were treated very badly. I know what it’s like to have no one to protect you or just by your side, so I made a promise to myself. ‘adopt as many as possible, so that to me they never have to feel that way again. ” In order to accommodate all his doggies in good conditions, he transforms his house into a kennel which he calls Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary.

Today, he shares his life with fifty chihuahuas who make him happy. Obviously, caring for so many dogs is a full-time job. To deal with it, Bobby hired several employees who help him on a daily basis. And he, who was a professional coachbuilder, left his job to devote himself to these animals who shower him with love and tenderness. Anyone who didn’t like small dogs is now convinced: yes, we often need a smaller one.

His chihuahuas give him back.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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