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TESTIMONIAL. “After a demonstration, I cleaned the street alone. I was offered a scholarship and a car”

On the shores of Lake Erie, a stone’s throw from Niagara Falls, the sun is setting and Buffalo finally calms down. Like many others in the United States, this city in New York State has been rocked by the protests following the death of George Floyd. On this Sunday, May 30, the main street of the city is devastated, the street furniture destroyed and debris of glass cover the road to the point of making it impractical.

When 18-year-old Antonio Gwynn Jr, who has himself spent hours roaming the city in protest against racism, learns that clashes have taken place and locals will not be able to get to work the next day, his blood only turns. Despite the late hour, he grabs trash bags and a broom, leaves his home and starts cleaning, alone, the main avenue of the city where he was born. For ten hours that night, he sweeps and picks up debris without ever stopping. When a group of neighbors arrive on Monday morning to clean the streets, they are speechless: Antonio is almost done.

The University of Buffalo offers him a scholarship that will allow him to study business

Informed during the day, the inhabitants of the city are so impressed by this free gesture that they decide to reward it. While Antonio planned to take a student job for at least two years to pay for his place in college, the University of Buffalo offers him a scholarship that will allow him to study business this fall. A big boost for this tenacious young man whose professional project is to open a cleaning company! But that’s not all.

Learning that this brave young man is looking for a car to travel from his accommodation to the university, one of the townspeople, Matt Block, decides to offer him his. And we’re not talking about just any car: a convertible Ford Mustang. “The one I always wanted to have, I thought it would be the same for Antonio,” said Matt Block, smiling on the CNN news channel. He didn’t believe it was so … This red convertible is the model driven by Antonio’s mother, who died in 2018.

“I felt indebted to him,” said one of the donors.

Learning of Matt’s gift, a local entrepreneur, Bob Briceland, then offers the young man an additional year of insurance for his new car. “I felt indebted to him. We just need to stick together and show the world that there are so many good people here,” reports the business manager. Finally, the mayor of the city, Byron Brown, has just offered him a job in the municipal buildings department. They say kindness is the language a deaf person can hear and a blind person can see. Antonio proves that he is also the one that a whole city can hear.

A gesture that will change HIS LIFE © FACEBOOK ANTONIO GWYNN JR.

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