A job as a nuclear researcher, a comfortable salary in a privileged living environment, in Santa Fe in the United States: Elodie Danielou led a dream life. In appearance at least … Two months before the end of her two-year contract, the young woman decides not to renew it and to leave the country in September 2020, with her husband, despite enviable stability and financial comfort. . “My professional life and my personal beliefs were in total disagreement.”

“I was a nuclear researcher and this field did not correspond to my values. It was the opposite of what I want to defend in my everyday life.” The 30-something then decides to get started … in baking! “I had this idea in the back of my mind. When I finished my thesis, I told myself that if I couldn’t find a job, I would do some baking.” And not just any! “I have been a vegan for four years and, when I stopped eating butter and eggs, I understood that I had to start baking, otherwise I would be deprived of cakes.”

For six months, she has been scouring the markets of Corrèze with her vegan cakes

Even before quitting her job, in December 2019, Elodie began to bake vegetables, and sells her cakes in parallel with her work. When she arrives in France, she has only one idea: to get started. “I would have liked to work first in pastry shops, but the sanitary context complicated everything”, explains the young woman who creates EloV Cookies & Co. “I decided to sell my cakes on the Corrèze markets, because it is the most direct way to get in touch with customers. ” This 180 degree turn gives him full satisfaction.

“I am my own boss, I develop the recipes that I like and I am now in contact with customers. Before, I was in basic research which was not applied directly in industry. I was not in the concrete. ” Even going from a regular salary to the financially uncertain life of an entrepreneur hasn’t stopped her. “Thanks to my old job, I was able to save money and I am financially independent”, explains Elodie, who works eighty hours a week. His goal ? “Open a tea room”, explains the one who has never regretted her leap into the unknown.

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