TESTIMONIAL. “A former high school friend stepped forward to carry my baby”

Katy saw nothing but happiness in her future when she married Josh, the love of her life, in May 2017. But the sweet life of the young couple quickly turned into a nightmare. Ten weeks later, after an eye exam, the young woman learns that she suffers from the rarest and most aggressive form of glioblastoma, a brain tumor. “After the operation, I did six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of chemotherapy with one session every twenty-five days,” Katy explains. To prevent the recurrence of her cancer, she then joined a clinical study.

Unfortunately, this experimental treatment is not without consequences. “We learned before the clinical trial started that I couldn’t take the risk of getting pregnant because the treatment is dangerous for the fetus,” Katy says. But Katy and Josh want a child. So they start researching surrogacy (surrogacy). “At first, we weren’t sure my eggs were of good quality after chemotherapy, but the doctors reassured us.”

“The embryo transfer was very emotional. I was holding Christina’s hand and we were both crying.”

The young woman therefore sets out in search of a surrogate mother. The couple throws a bottle into the sea on Facebook, explaining their approach. And, surprise, it is an old friend of the school lost to follow-up, Christina Acevedo, now a nurse, who answers them. “We were in high school together in 2007 and I read his post,” says Christina. “I learned about Katy and Josh’s story. We had a lot of talking with my husband.

We realized that we were so happy to have had the chance to welcome our two daughters that we wanted another couple to experience that same happiness. “The two former high school mates reconnect and decide to start the long journey. surrogacy After having passed all the steps required by the State of Michigan, an embryo is transferred on January 15, 2020. “I was very anxious, admits the future surrogate mother. I spent the day praying and telling myself that I had done my best. ”

Even during her pregnancy, the surrogate “always knew it was Katy and Josh’s child”

For her part, Katy is also on edge during this important day. “The transfer was very emotional. I was holding Christina’s hand and we were both crying. I was able to follow the implantation on a screen and then I realized that I could become a mother.” Coronavirus epidemic requires, confinement restricts visits between the two couples, forced to send each other photos and videos throughout the pregnancy. The long-awaited baby was born on October 1, 2020. The baby girl’s middle name is Christina, like the woman who gave her life.

“During my pregnancy, I thought a lot about the questions I was going to be asked, explains Christina. I knew that many people were going to ask me how I had been able to carry a baby and then entrust it to another couple. . But I never felt like it was my baby and I always knew it was Katy and Josh’s child. ” Today, the two families maintain close and intimate contact. Katy’s baby has two “big sister friends”. “Our daughter is very sweet. We sometimes joke that Christina transmitted her calm and serenity to her during the pregnancy! We are so happy to be her parents and to have crossed paths with Christina again!”, S ‘ enthuses Katy, in remission from her cancer, and forever grateful for such a gift of friendship.

Katy and Christina after the birth of the baby © © FACEBOOK CHRISTY ACEVEDO – FACEBOOK KATY POTOCKI SANCHEZ

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