TESTIMONIAL. “7 months pregnant, I took the plunge to save my husband from a shark”

Would you really be ready for anything for love? Yes ? Even facing a shark? Margot Dukes-Eddy, a 27-year-old American, did not have time to ask the question. This entrepreneur in marketing has shown extraordinary courage to save her husband. Margot and Andrew Eddy, 30, founder of an IT company, have been married for almost three years and are expecting a child. With her man and her family, the young woman, seven months pregnant, decides to move away from Atlanta and take a few days of sunshine in Florida.

It is the morning of Sunday, September 20, 2020 and the weather is splendid in the archipelago of the Keys, located off Miami, where the whole troop is established. Today, the program is a leisurely boat trip, with swimming and diving at Sombrero Reef, one of the most beautiful scuba diving sites on the Florida coast. Andrew enters the water, determined to enjoy the seabed of this famous nature reserve. But no sooner had he slipped into the turquoise expanse than a shark of nearly 3 m attacked him in the shoulder!

“Margot saw the shark’s fin and then the blood spilled into the water”

Margot’s blood then only turns. She jumps into the water to help her darling. “Margot saw the shark’s fin and then the blood spilled into the water,” police officer Christopher Aguanno wrote in his report. Although two months away from the end of her pregnancy, the courageous young woman did not hesitate for a second: “She dived into the water and pulled Andrew Eddy to safety on the boat.” She just saved his life.

Andrew is brought back to Sombrero Beach and flown to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami. He has a deep sore on his shoulder, but his life is not in danger. On her Facebook account, her beauty wrote these loving words, four days after the drama: “Thank you to everyone who sent us love during this devastating time. Andrew is on the road to a full recovery and we are glad the severity of his injuries did not endanger his life. I have always admired the way my husband handles challenges, and today more than ever. Our family’s priority right now is recovery and peace of mind for Andrew, myself and our unborn daughter. ”

“Andrew will be using his injured arm to hold his baby girl in six weeks”

Monroe County, located some 200 km southwest of Miami, has only seen 17 shark attacks since 1882, according to data collected by the University of Florida, making the case all the more surprising. Andrew is the first victim to be saved by his pregnant wife. “He’ll be using his injured arm to hold his baby girl in a few weeks now, and it’s a miracle.” The miracle has a name: Margot.

Margot and Andrew Eddy ©

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