TESTIMONIAL. “50 years after being separated by our parents, we got married”

For some, the love of youth fades, but for others, it leaves an indelible mark. This is the case for Denny and Karen Vinar, two Americans from Minnesota now in their seventies. To understand how far this couple came back, you have to go back to … 1961. “Back then, we were teenagers, lived in the same neighborhood in the town of Browntown and had perfect love,” recalls Karen. But after a few years of relationship, the girl becomes pregnant.

“Not accepting this pregnancy, my parents took me to a home where I gave birth to an adorable little girl, who was immediately given to public assistance for adoption. It was horrible,” she explains. , still moved. Once this painful episode behind them, the two teens continue to love each other, but the memory of this abandonment continues to haunt them. And with Denny’s parents moving, life is definitely going to separate them. But almost half a century later, a miracle happens!

When they see each other again, at the age of over 70, they decide to get married!

“In 2014, divorced with three children, I live in Eden Prairie,” Denny says. “Having never forgotten Karen, I decide to find her and, thanks to the magic of the Internet, I manage to contact her.” Karen, a widowed mother of two boys, is at her job in Everett, Wash. When the phone rings. She immediately recognizes Denny. “My first thought was that he had contact with our daughter, for some reason,” she recalls.

Touched and moved by the process, she agrees to see her childhood sweetheart again. On the day of their reunion, they fall into each other’s arms, as if they had never left each other. In the euphoria, they decide to get married and finally live their love in broad daylight in Minnesota. But for their happiness to be total, they want to find their abandoned daughter, named Jean.

Their abandoned daughter has three children and grandchildren!

After years of research and hope, they finally got to know him last year. Jean grew up in a loving adoptive family, she has three children and already several grandchildren! And since she lives only 23 miles from home, Karen and Denny now visit her twice a week.

“She has my smile, but otherwise she looks like Denny,” Karen reports. As for our lovebirds, their love is stronger than ever. They dance, cycle, cook and have a lot of fun. “When we got together, he told me we had to do the 18 inch trip, and I said, ‘What’s the 18 inch trip?’ ‘Karen explains. He then whispered: ‘It’s the one from head to heart.’ “What an incorrigible romantic, this Denny!

Karen and Denny Vinar © FACEBOOK DENNY VINAR

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