There are only 47 cases recorded in history. Originally from Maghera, Ireland, little Tessa Evans suffers from total congenital arhinia. In other words, she came into the world without a nose. Her parents, Grainne and Nathan Evans, learned the news during the pregnancy. But when the doctors advised them to interrupt the latter, they decided to give their daughter a chance. At birth, little Tessa spent 5 weeks in intensive care and underwent major eye operations. But against all odds, it has survived all the hardships and is doing like a charm today!

Now 10 years old, the little girl leads an (almost) normal life as a little girl of her age. “I love animals, music and the trampoline,” she says in her Instagram bio. Surrounded by her brothers and sisters, she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports. She also has a great passion for disguises and knows how to show a lot of humor! In 2021, on the occasion of Halloween, for example, she transformed into Voldemort, the great villain of Harry Potter … who has no nose! “When Tessa was a baby, every time we saw her in the media, comments about Voldemort were guaranteed, writes the girl’s mother on Instagram. They are 100% predictable! is how big of a Harry Potter fan Tessa would become. So when she decided she would be the best Voldemort for Halloween, who could argue with her?”

Thanks to medicine, Tessa will have a nose as a teenager

Due to her malformation, the little girl nevertheless has to go to the hospital regularly. She has already undergone several reconstruction operations, which aim to implant a nasal prosthesis in her adolescence. “Her prosthesis will heal and her face will gradually grow around the implant to take on the nasal shape, explained her mother, Grainne Evans, in 2015 to the Daily Mail. When she will have the final implant as a teenager, the skin will be tattooed with several shades of shadow and light to complete the aesthetic reconstruction.” In the meantime, Tessa is living her best life!

Tessa is 10 years old: what happens to this little girl born without a nose on her face?

Tessa Evans © Instagram @tessabornextraordinary

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