Laks Rana is the mother of two children. An eight year old boy, Amrit; and a 4 year old girl, Anaya. When she dreams of her little girl’s funeral one night, Laks Rana panics. “I felt stupid, but I felt like I had to get them to the doctor,” she told The Sun. Little Amrit, after being examined by the health professional, is doing very well. In contrast, unexplained bruising is noticed on Anaya’s legs. The doctor then sends him to the hospital for some additional examinations and, a few days later, the diagnosis is made.

Anaya has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer that affects white blood cells. “It was a complete shock. It didn’t feel real,” the girl’s mother recalls. “Anaya always liked playing fights with her brother and cousins, being mischievous and jumping off the couch and so on, so bruising was not unusual.” Immediately after hearing the news, Anaya began her intense chemotherapy sessions. An ordeal that lasted six months.

Overnight, Anaya rejects her mother

If the treatment makes life difficult for the 4-year-old girl, Laks Rana is also having a hard time. The mother goes “into survival mode”. Overnight, Anaya became “daddy’s girl” and didn’t want her mom to come near her anymore. “If she needed help changing, brushing her teeth, literally anything, it was daddy she wanted with her. I later found out that it was common for children to do this. , but at the time I was scared because I didn’t know how long it was going to last. ”

After a few months, the little girl finally returns to her mother and offers her daily hugs again. Now, two years after her diagnosis, Anaya is halfway through her treatment and is already doing much better. Her mother describes her as a “happy and sweet child”. But also very courageous!

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