It was in 2019 that this story took place. Sophie George, 18, planned to kill a man she had an affair with. To do this, she put together a real murder kit. His meticulous plan was to torture the man before killing him. The reason for this whole strategy is that the man in question was sleeping with other women. His account included “bleach, duct tape, forensic clothing, trash bags and lighter fluid”, according to The Sun.

Subsequently, Sophie George made an appointment with the man in question named Adam Yiosese. In particular, she gave him an appointment in a park before pointing a large serrated knife at him. Only, Adam Yiosese managed to escape and called the police. The police, of course, searched Sophie George’s home in Brighton, East Sussex. This is how the police uncovered some particularly chilling plans of how they intended to abduct and murder their victim. The plans even included how to change his identity and how to start a new life.

“You were obsessed and consumed with revenge”

In her plan, she planned to walk Adam Yiosese to a grave she dug for him in the Wild Park. This is where she intended to torture him to make him reveal the names of the other women he had slept with. During the investigation, police also discovered an application for a name change as well as forms for a new passport, according to The Sun.

On April 7, she was tried before the Hove Crown Court. The judge also told the teenager that she “represented a danger to anyone else she might meet romantically”. It was only afterwards that Sophie George was sent to prison. “It appears from everything I’ve read in this case that you were obsessed and consumed with revenge because you viewed the victim as seeing other women,” Judge Christine Henson said.

A teenage girl makes a torture kit to kill the man who thrills her © Youtube

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