Taylor Swift calls out Netflix and “Ginny & Georgia” series and denounces sexist joke

A replica that does not pass. On February 24, Netflix unveiled its new series Ginny & Georgia, which quickly made the rounds on social networks, especially because of a scene that mentions Taylor Swift. In it, Ginny Miller talks about romantic relationships with her mother Georgia. As she mentions her boyfriend by asking if the two of them broke up, Ginny replies, “What’s the matter with you? You chain guys faster than Taylor Swift.” Informed of this reply, Taylor Swift, in turn, wanted to challenge Netflix and the cast of the series. On her Twitter account this Monday March 1, she wrote: “Hey ‘Ginny & Georgia” 2010 called and wants you to give her her easy, deeply sexist joke. What if we stop degrading women’s hard work by considering this? shit joke as funny. And by the way Netflix, after Miss Americana (editor’s note, the documentary that the platform devoted to her in early 2020) this costume does not suit you. Happy Women’s Month in History by the way “. She does not hesitate to evoke the “Women’s History Month”, celebrated in several Anglo-Saxon countries throughout the month of March and which highlights the contributions of women to the events of history.

If this sentence was supposed to be humorous, it was very badly interpreted, in particular by the fans of the singer. They quickly took offense on social media and launched the hashtag #RespectTaylorSwift (#RespectezTaylor Swift) to expose this joke about the American star’s love life. If Taylor Swift wanted to react just like her fans, it is also because this is not the first time that she has been the victim of criticism. For several years now, she has been widely criticized regarding her past relationships and the fact that she writes songs about them. During an interview in 2014, she then explained: “There will always be people to say” Oh she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends. And I think it’s a sexist angle “before I say,” Nobody says that about Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars. They all write songs about their exes, their girlfriends or their love life, and no one is waving a red flag at them either. ”So it seems that, despite what the singer said, this kind of joke persists.

Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back. How about we stop degrading hard working women by defining this horse shit as FuNnY. Also, @netflix after Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you Happy Women’s History Month I guess pic.twitter.com/2X0jEOXIWp

– Taylor Swift (@ taylorswift13) March 1, 2021

Series that are controversial

Taylor Swift isn’t the only one to have been teased about her private life. Indeed, her best friend Selena Gomez was the victim of a similar joke a few months ago. In September 2017, the singer revealed that she had undergone a kidney transplant. A sad period that was mocked in the reboot of the series Saved by the Bell last November. Several scenes referred to it: “I know for a fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor is Justin Bieber’s mother,” one character said. Sequences which caused controversy but obviously did not serve as a lesson since, on February 24, in the Chinese program Who’s the Murderer, the photo of Selena Gomez and her donor, Francia Raisa, was parodied. It would therefore seem that the series do not hesitate to attack the private life of the two friends directly.

Taylor Swift © Backgrid USA

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