Taurus is an earth sign. In love, the Taurus woman does not let herself be taken by the horns. Rather, it is she who leads the dance. However, she knows how to do so that her partner does not feel that she is the one who imposes herself. The Taurus woman can love madly, but only if her partner plays transparency with her. In her love life, the Taurus woman can be generous. This generosity, she wants to see it in her lover and the charming Scorpio is well placed to fulfill her desires.

The Taurus woman is attracted by the charm of Scorpio. The Scorpio man can perfectly satisfy her sensually. Scorpio is also attracted to the Taurus woman thanks to the insight of the latter, but also thanks to her rigid side. The rigidity-sensuality duel of the Taurus woman is not always easy to grasp for her partner. This is not the case of Capricorn who knows perfectly how to go about reaching the heart of Taurus. Capricorn, faithful lover or lover, will materially fulfill the Taurus woman and make her happy thanks to his generous love.

Taurus Woman and Leo Man: A Combination That Can Work

The association of the Taurus woman with the Leo man may seem incongruous at first sight. Leo’s authority can conflict with Taurus’ urge to manage. Her egocentricity is also repugnant to many, but the Taurus woman’s ego is not to be underestimated either. There is a balance of forces that can settle between the Taurus woman and the Leo man. The Leo can be generous when it comes to a woman who attracts him and whose nature subjugates him, like a Taurus woman. This generosity is genuine, and it is what will attract the Taurus woman despite everything!

Taurus woman: who is your ideal man?

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