Tatiana-Laurence and Xavier Delarue, it’s over again! While the mother of the family shared her 2023 wishes with her subscribers via her Instagram account on January 2, 2023, she revealed that their love story was well and truly over. “We are in 2023, I really wish you all a year that can offer you, the fulfillment of your dreams, eternal health and the freedom of your being! Me, I do not wish anything more, I already have everything what I need, to be happy.I am the Mum of the most extraordinary baby.A luminous, unique being, a real little Angel.With Xavier we are no longer a couple, but we are parents.And this New Year 2023, will make it possible to build, in this way, the future of this exceptional little baby. Everything will be done for him, because he deserves, all the treasures of the World and the Universe.” she wrote. For his part, Xavier Delarue has not yet reacted.

Tatiana-Laurence and Xavier Delarue: an ups and downs story

This surprise breakup comes just ten months after the birth of their son Newt. The little boy was indeed born on October 10, 2022 after a five-day marathon as the parents had announced. “Our little boy joined your arms at 01:58 this 10/10/2022 for 3 Kg2️30 and will never leave them again. I am happy to have lived it by your side until the end, as we had talked about it so much all these years.We are in our 20th year and will celebrate our 20th birthday in November 2022.After going through so many stages and experiences, we are both becoming Parents, Together.We were right to believe that it was possible. “a had written Tatiana-Laurence and Xavier Delarue at the time of his arrival.

It should indeed be remembered that the couple had separated in 2020. While they had been married for 14 years – and that they had renewed their wedding vows in Thailand – Tatiana–Laurence and Xavier Delarue had wished to put an end to their story. But a year after their breakup, they had decided to get back together. “The heart never forgets the place where it left, its best beat…” said Tatiana-Laurence on her Instagram account. They then announced Tatiana-Laurence’s pregnancy before facing charges of deception. Finally, the book seems definitively closed.

Tatiana-Laurence: she announces her breakup with Xavier, 10 months after the birth of their son

Tatiana-Laurence and Xavier Delarue © Pierre Perusseau

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