Almost 12 years after Farrah Fawcett’s death, another odd lady goes missing. On Sunday January 3, Tanya Roberts passed away at the age of 65, her agent confirmed to TMZ. Made popular in the 1980s for her role as Julie Rogers in the series Charlie’s Angels, according to the American media, the actress collapsed at her home on Christmas Eve when she had just returned from a walk with her dogs. Urgently transported to hospital, she was placed on respiratory assistance but her state of health did not improve, said her agent, who added that her death was not linked to Covid-19.

Born in October 1955 in New York, Tanya Roberts began her modeling career before skimming the boards which quickly led her to shoot commercials at first, then small roles in discreetly successful films. It was in the early 1980s that she experienced her first success in season 5 of Charlie’s Angels, where she formed a stunning trio with Jaclyn Smith, the only Angel to have participated in the five seasons of the series, and Cheryl Ladd. A role that Tanya Roberts will hold until the end of the program in 1981, before playing in The Choice of the Lords, Sheena, queen of the jungle, but especially to become the James Bond Girl Stacey Sutton in Dangerously yours, released in 1985.

Return to television in a very popular series

With a less flamboyant career in the early 1990s, and Razzie Award nominations for her roles in Sheena, Queen of the Jungle and Dangerously Yours, Tanya Roberts made a much-noticed television comeback in 1998 as Midge Pinciotti. , Donna’s mother, in That 70’s Show. A role that she held until 2001 regularly, before making rare appearances thereafter. The end of his career ended with erotic and category B TV films until the 2000s.

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