Sylvie Testud spins the perfect love with a mysterious man… Separated from the father of her children for more than two years, the actress has found the shoe that fits her but does not intend to lift the veil on the identity of the man who beats his body. According to Paris Match, this Thursday, December 15, he is an “actor with origins close to his mother”. “We have Neapolitan roots!” confirms the actress in the columns of our colleagues, who investigated to find out who it was. According to them, Sylvie Testud shared the poster for a play, The happy stratagem in 2019, with an actor … of Italian origin: Éric Elmosnino. Information that she has neither confirmed nor denied. As for her, he too is particularly discreet about his private life.

Not very talkative about the man she is in love with, Sylvie Testud, on the other hand, made longer confidences in love as a general rule in the columns of Paris Match. The opportunity for her to push a rant against the injunctions from which women suffer. “The weight of our education remains. We live in fear of being alone. At 25 as at 60. We have been told so often that, after 40, we are out of the market! But no, the actress was annoyed. It’s a question of energy. Me, I discover that we are still good!” According to the 51-year-old actress, things are slowly changing: “At any age, when they are bored, women leave. Do not hesitate!”

Sylvie Testud: her children, “rayons of sunshine”

In love and fulfilled in her private life, Sylvie Testud is also in her family life. Mother of two children, Ruben 17 years old and Esther, 12 years old, the actress is fulfilled. “They are cool, they have a sense of humor, we love each other”, he summarizes with our colleagues. And to come back to her separation with their father, Fabien, with whom she had been for more than 25 years: “When I separated, I left them no choice. To each I explained: together or separated, you always have two parents who love you and who will always love you”. Always very cash in her speeches, Sylvie Testud never minces her words when it comes to talking about her family, her children and motherhood. “I thought motherhood was going to change me, but no,” she assured Le Figaro.

“I just realized that I could give a lot without expecting anything in return, even though my children give a lot,” he enthused. Proud of the way she managed motherhood and the way she raised her two children, Sylvie Testud said then: “I discovered in me a strength that I did not suspect. I am never tired when I am take care of them.” With Ruben and Esther, her teenagers who fill her with happiness, the actress considers above all to have been lucky. “I’m very lucky because they are super funny. With their dad we tried not to damage them, but frankly they were born cool, she rejoiced with Télé Star. They are two little rays of sunshine.”

Sylvie Testud separated from the father of her children: cash secrets about her breakup and this Italian actor who seduced her

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