On December 11, Sylvie Tellier welcomed Diane Leyre, the new Miss France 2022 to her “family”. But since this great election, the 43-year-old woman has had bad news. Indeed, after the end of the beauty contest, she had decided to go to Avoriaz in Haute-Savoie for a ski vacation with her family.

Holidays that did not go as planned since the former Miss France 2002 was seriously injured. On December 28, she announced the verdict on Instagram: “First assessment of my alpine acrobatics … Rupture of the internal ligament, of the anterior cruciate, awaiting MRI to know if the menisci are affected. In short, I did not know not failed “.

Sylvie Tellier shares her distress after receiving an email from her children’s school.

If the general manager of the company Miss France hoped to be able to rest after the school holidays, her joy was short-lived. In fact, she received an email from her children’s school on Saturday January 1, announcing the postponement of the start of the school year initially scheduled for January 3. A news that she was quick to share on Instagram: “And the year 2022 was supposed to not be able to be worse! Mum HS and class closed”.

The mother of Oscar (11 years old), Margaux (7 years old) and Romeo (3 years old) will therefore have to continue to occupy her children for the duration of the postponement of the start of the school year … all while having one leg immobilized. . Sad news for Sylvie Tellier who still keeps smiling. She also sent her best wishes to parents and teachers in schools who are facing a complicated situation with the resumption of the epidemic.

Sylvie Tellier © Instagram capture @sylvietellier

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