Like his professional life, Sylvester Stallone’s personal life has been busy! At 75, the comedian has been married three times and had five children. It was first in the arms of Sasha Czack that he found love. The two married in December 1974 and had two boys, Sage in 1976 and Seargeoh in 1979. In 2012, Sylvester Stallone’s eldest son, aged just 36, died at his Los Angeles home. It was his cleaning lady who, alerted by a friend who hadn’t heard from him for three days, found his lifeless body. If the first information suggested an overdose, Sage Stallone was carried away by a natural heart failure, coronary atherosclerosis. Traces of Vicodin, a morphine analgesic, are however found in his blood.

“When a parent loses a child, there is no greater pain. Therefore, I pray that people respect the memory of my talented son and have compassion for his beloved mother, Sasha. We will feel this heartbreaking loss throughout his life,” Sylvester Stallone said in a statement. Separated from the mother of his eldest in 1985, Sylvester Stallone then remarried actress and model Brigitte Nielsen, who played Drago’s partner in Rocky 4. Divorced two years later, without giving birth to a child, the actor quickly found love with Jennifer Flavin, whom he married in 1997 after a very surprising story. The two indeed met in 1988 in a restaurant in Beverly Hills before the star of Rocky broke up with the former model in 1994 by sending him … A simple letter!

Sylvester Stallone: ​​’I’ve never had so much fun with my other half’

Again fell in love, they have not left each other for more than thirty years. And together they had three daughters: Sophia Rose (born in 1996), Sistine Rose (born in 1998) and Scarlet Rose (born in 2002). Very proud of his daughters who follow their own path in modeling, Sylvester Stallone is also a happy husband. “I’ve never had so much fun with my other half!” he confided to the Daily Telegraph. “I learned this alongside my wife … It took me 19 years to realize that she is always right, then joked the actor. I realized that women have this talent, at least Jennifer , to make incredibly scholarly, wise, and intelligent decisions.”

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