Swedish actress Gunnel Lindblom has died aged 89

The world of cinema is in mourning. On January 24, Gunnel Lindblom passed away at the age of 89, announced the official website dedicated to Ingmar Bergman. The Swedish filmmaker’s favorite actress, he has directed her in no less than six films, including The Seventh Seal, The Wild Strawberries, La Source, Le Silence, Les Communiants, but also Scenes of married life. It was he who spotted her in 1954 when he was director of the theater of the city of Gothenburg, and hired her for the theater of the city of Malmö the same year, when she had already started her career. two years ago.

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 1931, Gunnel Lindblom grew up in a proletarian family. It was then that she was a student that she applied to the Gothenburg City Theater Acting School, where she was accepted in 1950. After having made a series of films in the 1960s and 1970s, the actress put an end to her career in 1973 to devote himself from then on to directing. In 1977, she directed Paradis d’été, then Sally et la Liberté, Nuits d’été, as well as Sanna kvinnor and Betraktelse in the 1990s. Her last film appearance dates back to 2009, in the film Millennium alongside Noomi Rapace, adaptation of the first part of the literary trilogy Millenium by Stieg Larsson.

Gunnel Lindblom under the direction of Ingmar Bergman even at the theater

If she has long moved away from the world of cinema, Gunnel Lindblom nevertheless continued for several years to skim the boards with many roles in the theater, notably under the direction of Ingmar Bergman, to whom she devoted a radio documentary in 2004. L The actress was also married to Sture Helander, senior lecturer, who was also the doctor of the Swedish filmmaker, who died in 2007.

Gunnel Lindblom © Youtube

Swedish actress Gunnel Lindblom has died aged 89
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