This American accused of rape was on the run and had organized his own funeral. The 35-year-old man is actually called Nicholas Rossi. Since he left the United States on the sly, he has lived under an alias: Arthur Knight. The man was arrested in a Scottish hospital in Glasgow in January 2022. He claimed to be an orphan of Irish nationality, specifies Slate in his article of November 12, 2022. Nicholas Rossi alias Arthur Knight is accused of having committed a rape in the State of Utah where DNA samples were taken from him.

Thanks to the samples, the American justice was able to associate it with a rape which would have been committed in Ohio on a 21-year-old woman in 2008, still according to Slate. In addition, the authorities believe that the man posing as Arthur Knight could have committed other rapes. The repeat rapist wanted to hide all his traces. To escape justice, he went so far as to organize his own funeral. Nicholas Rossi reportedly issued an announcement online on behalf of Nicholas Allahverdian stating that he died in February 2020 from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The serial rapist was exposed thanks to his tattoos and his fingerprints

We learn that Interpol has listed data relating to Nicholas Rossi. Having contracted covid-19, the rapist on the run and living in the United Kingdom under a false name, had to be hospitalized. It was his fingerprints, his tattoos and his photographs that allowed the authorities to prove that Arthur Knight is none other than Nicholas Rossi. According to Judge Norman McFadyen, quoted by Slate, the evidence establishing the name change supports this assertion.

Suspected serial rapist plans funeral to escape prosecution, illness routs him

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