South Wales Police made a gruesome discovery on November 26, 2022 shortly before 8pm. It is the British media The Sun which reports this chilling news in its article dated November 27. We can read in the article that the corpses of two babies were found in a house. A woman and two men have been arrested following this shocking discovery of two babies found dead at home. According to information shared by The Sun, the woman is 29 years old, the two men are 37 and 47 respectively.

British media did not reveal the woman’s name or her connection to the two men who were arrested with her. On the other hand, we learn that the woman and these men tried to conceal the birth of a child. The authorities were called to Windmill’s house in Bridgend shortly before 8 p.m. on November 26, says The Sun. There is no information regarding the discovery of the two dead babies. The British media recalls that the maximum sentence for concealing the birth of a child is two years.

An investigation is still ongoing

At the time of The Sun’s article, there was very little information about the chilling discovery of the lifeless bodies of two babies. We learn that an investigation was already underway and that the authorities are looking for anyone with information. Marc Attwell, the South Wales Police Superintendent said: “This is a very distressing incident and we would ask anyone with information to please contact us.”

Suspected of having concealed a birth, they could have done much worse afterwards

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