It’s not every day that you risk being used as a human trampoline for a baby who suddenly falls on your back. This is what happened to Ruhi Asci, a member of a human security network, in the Haci Ilyas neighborhood of the northern Turkish city of Amasya, The New York Post reports on June 28, 2022. The incredible incident was captured by a surveillance camera. In the video footage, Ruhi Asci can be seen standing on the sidewalk outside an apartment complex.

While Ruhi Asci stands unsuspectingly on the sidewalk, a one-year-old toddler falls from the sky. Khatira Amiri, the one-year-old boy, touches the man on his shoulder before rolling onto his back and finally landing on the ground. The little boy, named Khatira Amiri, was playing on the balcony of the first-floor apartment when he slipped and fell through the railing, the New York Post reveals. Everything happens very quickly, alarmed by what has fallen on him, Ruhi Asci turns around to discover that it is a little boy. He quickly takes her in his arms.

He thought it was a flowerpot

As Ruhi Asci held the miraculous child in her arms, passers-by gather around him. Some of them signal to someone who is not in the camera’s field of vision to come and pick up the little one. Speaking to Newsflash, Ruhi Asci said: “At first I thought a flowerpot had fallen on me. When I turned around, I realized it was a child.” “A little blood came out of his mouth and his teeth”. The ambulances were quick to come and took little Amiri, who appeared to be in stable condition, to the hospital with his mother.

Ruhi Asci © New York Post


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