While filming the “Book Club” sequel, 84-year-old actress and activist Jane Fonda had to make a drastic decision. Indeed, to continue the adventures of the character she embodies, Jane Fonda had to opt for a color other than her sublime gray hair. However, it has been sporting this gray coloring for a few years. It’s a Jane Fonda with a flamboyant red that we discover on Instagram, to the delight of her fans. The little detail that does it all? Its coloring is completed by a fringe with almost white blonde locks. The contrast offers a magnificent result on the feminist symbol of the 60s-70s. On social networks, this change has not gone unnoticed. While some go so far as to say that it is only a wig, others do not mind the compliments on the actress.

This new coloring remains a great first for a very long time for Jane Fonda. Indeed, in 2020, she would have made an important decision: to keep her gray hair without discoloring. That’s when Jane Fonda appeared with a short haircut and natural gray hair at the 92nd Academy Awards. She explained herself a few months later on the set of Ellen DeGeneres. “It was so much time wasted, money wasted, chemicals. I’m done with that,” Jane Fonda confessed.

Celebrities and gray and white hair: the trend is natural

In 2022, the stars now assume their gray and white hair. If for years, no stars dared to wear them on the red carpet, they are now coming back in force, to the delight of the public. Andie MacDowell, Jane Fonda and more recently Sarah Jessica Parker, are the main protagonists for this launch of the natural hair movement.

Asked by Allure magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker confessed her surprise to receive “so many compliments and admiration” for having had the audacity to reveal her natural hair. “I was like, ‘please, please applaud someone else’s courage for something else,'” she said.

Jane Fonda on the set of the film “Book Club 2” © Backgrid UK


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